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Module: addon_pages

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Module: addon_pages
July 08, 2011 05:41PM
AddOn Pages version 1.1
created by: Nicholas Vrtis

Heavily based on ideas and contributions from 'static_pages' and 'announcement' mods.
(Thank you very much).

This is an add-on module for the Phorum software.
For further information on Phorum, visit []


General Information:

This module allows administrators to place links to pages other than the normal Phorum pages into a 'block' which
is displayed on either/or 'index', 'list' or 'read' pages. Entries can be placed in a block which is displayed
after the header, and/or before the footer.

To Install:

1. Unpack file.
2. Upload folder to /mods directory.
3. From the Phorum Admin panel, go to "modules" page.
4. Activate module AddOn Pages. Remember to click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen.
5. From AddOn Pages, click "Settings" to access module settings.

Quick Notes:

Links are set up on the admin settings screen for the module. They can be:
1) External (they will open in a new browser window (target=_blank).
2) Static Phorum templates (stored in the mods/addon_pages/templates/{template} directory
3) A Phorum mod (which must implement the 'addon' hook function.

'Static' Phorum templates are assumed to be under 'addon_pages\templates\.
In the 'current' Phorum template directory. As shipped, this is assumed
to be 'emerald'. If you are using multiple templates, or a different
template, you will need to copy (or move) pages_div.tpl to a directory
with that name under your templates.

'pages_div.tpl' is the template file that is inserted either after the header
and/or before the footer.

It is only inserted if there are entries to display.

This module implements a hook: addon_pages which is passed the list of
which links are going to be displayed and your code can modify this list
before the template is inserted. See the code for more information.
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