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Module: Automatic Mobile Template

Posted by Brian Moon 
Re: Module: Automatic Mobile Template
September 03, 2011 10:29AM
Oh yes I would probably utilize it immediately. I had to remove it because there were conflicts with the language. Great job :-)
Re: Module: Automatic Mobile Template
September 07, 2011 11:03PM
Maurice Makaay
Can you maybe zip up your module code and post it in this thread? Others probably find it very useful to have these patched sources available.

With great pleasure...
I have only seen your message today, so I made additional changes meanwhile.
Also, I updated the version number to "1.0.2", tell me if I should have put something else (my upload is actually only a contribution as I am not the author of the mod).

So the changes are:
- use Phorum API method phorum_switch_template()
- translation strings are now used only with mobile template
- the list of pages supported by the template is defined by the template itself (by optional "supported_pages" parameter in settings.tpl). "file" and "redirect" are always supported implicitly. Example:
Language: PHP
{DEFINE supported_pages "index,list,read,post,login,search,pm"}

The code in mod_mobile.php is now organized a bit differently.
Please don't hesitate to tell me if I did something the wrong way.
Re: Module: Automatic Mobile Template
September 08, 2011 09:01AM
It works perfectly. Wonderful job. Finally I can utilize again this module. Thank you very much for having these changes available to everyone, and thanks for Maurice for creating the original module first place.
Re: Module: Automatic Mobile Template
March 24, 2013 09:47AM

Thanks for this module, and also for the mobile template.
I have several questions about them.

Is there a way to allow visitors to switch back to the standard template? When I put the mobile template and the automatic mobile template in my forum, some users were very happy, some told me they prefer the classic template.
So it would be nice to let people choose :)

I am just starting with producing a mobile version of my web site, so this question might be stupid, but... is such a module the good way to provide a mobile compatible version of a web site? Shouldn't we just add a mobile CSS? I read this page ( which says that adding a "handheld" css to the "screen" one just does the job. But this page is quite old (2009), so it may be outdated.
Also, it does not fix answer the first question above (allo users to choose).

I installed this mobile in version 1.0.2, but the Phorum admin tells me a newer version 1.0.1 exists:
Automatic Mobile Template (version 1.0.2) - Upgrade Available (1.0.1)
What did I do wrong?

When I tried this module, several people tried to post a message in the forum, but were refused because detected as robot.

Cactus : []
Re: Module: Automatic Mobile Template
March 25, 2013 11:37AM
No, that module doesn't allow switching back to another template. It sets the template fixed based on the user agent.

Currently the common way for making a mobile accessible version of a website is to create a responsive design which switches the layout based on the dimensions of the user screen. This doesn't allow loading different stuff though so that the traffic needed to be loaded is always the same.

See the first post or the row above for the 1.0.2 version from another user.

Thomas Seifert
Phorum Development Team /
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Re: Module: Automatic Mobile Template
September 11, 2015 10:48AM
2015-09-11 v1.0.3 Oliver Riesen <>
- README added.
- Fixed PHP Notice, Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT.
- German language files added.

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