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Module: Redirect Home Page to a Forum

Posted by Voltius 
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Module: Redirect Home Page to a Forum
March 28, 2010 07:35PM
This was originally coded up by Maurice for 5.1 and yehudab modified it for 5.2 and I'm posting it because it works great.

  • This single file mod will redirect ALL users (guests, members, mods, admin) from the home page to a specified forum.
  • All users who visit your website ( will immediately be taken to the forum you specified in the mod.
  • Even users clicking "Home" in the breadcrumbs will be taken to the forum you specified.
  • You will no longer be able to access your "True Home Page" (the one that lists all your forums) with this enabled. Disable Mod to get Home Page back.
  • You can still use this mod if you have more than one forum. It also works great with the Jump Menu mod. So you can still get around your site without your old home page.

This mod is great for Phorum owners who are just starting their communities (and want users to see content right away instead of clicking around a bunch of empty forums) or are using their message board as a single forum support center (and want users to immediately be taken to a list of threads)

- Download Mod
- Open it, find the code below, and change "0" to the id of the forum you want the home page to redirect to.
$forum_id = 0; // change this to the id of the forum to jump to.
- save Mod, upload to your Phorum's MOD folder
- enable Mod from Admin Control Panel

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