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Posted by Phil Connolly 
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Module: Flickr
December 30, 2009 09:37PM
Module: Flickr 1.1.7

This module makes it possible to add Flickr photos and videos ( to your forums and user profiles.

Main Features:

o Seamless integration with Phorum. No template modification is required.
o Users can link their phorum profile with their Flickr account.
o A Flickr icon is added to the Editor Tools menu
o Users can adjust their privacy settings and retrieve images that match the
privacy settings they have defined at Flickr.
o Users can control which of their Flickr photosets are retrieved
o User can remove Flickr from their Phorum profile at any time.
o All UI strings are localized.
o This module comes with a pre-configured API Key which you may use
for evaluating and demonstrating the module. Please apply for your own key
if you plan to continue to use the module. I may periodically change the API key
so don't plan on using the one I provide in this module's default settings. It is very
easy to get your own... besides that way you can keep track of your own activity.
See the README for more information.

Note: this module use Ajax calls to populate its flickr image catalog, so it requires both javascript and Ajax support in clients. Also, this module currently depends on Editor Tools. So if the Editor Tools module is not present or not active, the Flickr control is not available on message posts.

To Do:
(1) When Editor Tools is not active, provide a link on the posting form to launch the Flickr control.
(2) Add the large/original size Flickr image to be inserted (thanks to Jim of for the request)


2011-06-08 v1.1.7
- Fixed undeclared variable warnings in javascript and css scripts

2010-11-29 v1.1.6

- Fixed bug in javacript that prevented Flickr minitoken from being processed.

2010-03-31 v1.1.5

- Added support for Phorum 5.2.15a new form_objects.js library for manipulating posting textareas
  (module still backwards compatible with previous Phorum versions)

2010-03-17 v1.1.4

- Removed Check Token API call from the javascript register hook.  It is not needed and removes
  an expensive API call
- Added a Check Token API call to the Flickr Control Center panel.  Panel will now accurately reflect
  user's Flickr state even if user has revoked authorization from outside Phorum.
- Users can now give their Flickr authorization from within the Control Center signature panel
  and from within PM posts.
- Reorganized posting_custom_action and some page-specific hook code into a single hook function

2010-02-09 v1.1.3

- Added link back to Flickr page for images inserted into messages (as per Flickr Community Guidelines)
- Added Event Logging, configurable in Admin settings page (if Event Logging module is present)
- Minified the prototype and carousel libraries and packed into a single JS file

2010-02-01 v1.1.2.02

- Fixed bug in javascript that is exposed when the minify module is enabled.  And fixed bug in javascript 
  when using Flickr tools during reply.  Thanks to James from for reporting these bugs.
- Fixed some undeclared index warnings in flickr.php

2010-01-28 v1.1.2.01

- Quick fix: v1.1.1 introduced a javascript bug in the image embedding function

2010-01-28 v1.1.2

- Fixed bug in Flickr integration with private messages

2010-01-26 v1.1.1 

- Added selectors to allow choosing different sizes of photos served by Flickr
  (square, thumbnail, small, medium).  User sees "size chooser" icons over the
  photos previewed in the carousels.
- Converted module's javascript to use a more abstracted set of form helpers than what is
  provided by Phorum's own editor tools.  This will allow me to still provide the Flickr
  module even if Editor Tools is not present.
- Fixed a minor scrolling issue in the carousels (first image was partially hidden)

2010-01-15 v1.1.0 

- Significant update to functions retrieving Flickr photostreams:
  + Photos and videos retieved in smaller sets, with set size configurable
  in module admin settings.
  + Refactored photostream display javascript to be more efficient
  + Better visuals in photostream display to indicate behind-the-scenes data retrieval
- Refactored module php code to be more efficient
- Users can select which Flickr photosets to retrieve (setting in their Control Center)
- Added photoset paging and improved exception reporting to the flickr API class
- Added help information to the module admin settings page
- A number of small bug fixes

2009-12-30 v1.0.0 

- Initial release

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Re: Module: Flickr
December 31, 2009 12:06PM
I don't know how my forum users are going to feel about this, but I'm going to love it. Installed and working on

Wallet Friendly Watch Forum
Re: Module: Flickr
December 31, 2009 02:06PM
Re: Module: Flickr
December 31, 2009 10:42PM
Thanks for being an early adopter :)

Since this is the first release, I would welcome feedback and ideas for improvement. I can describe 2 things I already am planning next,

1) I'll add the ability for users to designate which photosets the module will read from flickr. This way users can further tailor which part of their photostream is displayed in Phorum.
2) Grab the images from flickr in chunks, rather than all at once.

Both enhancements will make the module perform better for large photostreams.

Re: Module: Flickr
January 15, 2010 06:17PM
James, in case you are interested, I just releases an update to Flickr Module which has some improvements in the way it retrieves images from Flickr which improve performance in large photostreams. If you are willing to try it out on your users, I would be interested in your feedback.


Re: Module: Flickr
January 28, 2010 03:28PM
New version of Flickr module released today: Flickr 1.1.2

It has a few bug fixes, and also a new "size selection" feature to allow users choice in the size of the image to embed in their message. It also completes the integration of Flickr into private messages and can support the integration of Flickr into user signatures. That last feature is not available with stock Phorum currently (although I came up with a hack that would enable it). If you want Flickr integrated into signatures, PM me and I can give you the hack. Maybe Phorum will drop the hack into their core... maybe not...

This release also changes up its javascript library to minimize dependency on Editor Tools text functions. So in a future release I should be able to allow Flickr to work with or without Editor Tools.

This is a fun project and gives me a welcomed break from my more mundane (but paying) jobs... Now if I can just figure out how to do these fun pet projects AND get paid for them.... Anyway I hope folks are trying this Flickr module out.
Re: Module: Flickr
January 28, 2010 06:43PM
I dig the updates, good stuff.


When I try to do the insertion nothing happens. It loads the photos from the sets I chose, but nothing loads. Am I the only one? Am I missing something?

Wallet Friendly Watch Forum
Re: Module: Flickr
January 28, 2010 07:30PM
Whoops, the last bits introduced a new bug in the image embedding javascript. I made a quick change and just uploaded it to this thread's main topic. Let me know how it goes....

Re: Module: Flickr
January 28, 2010 07:43PM
Thanks, Phil! It is working now.

Might have spoke to soon. It worked on one post, but won't in another. Odd...will have to investigate later.

And working again. Sorry!

My only request would be to be able to insert the Large or Original sizes as well, if possible.

Wallet Friendly Watch Forum

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Re: Module: Flickr
January 28, 2010 07:56PM
I went to your site and gave it a try (after you applied the most recent update) and I have not seen any errors. What might be happening to you is that the buggy script from earlier could be cached. If your Phorum is set to cache javascript, you could try purging the cache in your Phorum Admin. If you still have the problem let me know and I will try and trace it down.

As far as inserting the large/original flickr images, I like that idea. My only reason to this point for not including that option was that some Phorum templates might not support such a large image in the message. Your site template scales to any width, but some templates are fixed.

Probably the solution is to include support for the original image but make it a feature the admin can enable or disable. I just added it to the To Do list....

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