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Module: Single Notification

Posted by Thomas Seifert 
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Module: Single Notification
December 27, 2009 10:06AM
This module limits the email notifications for new messages in a thread to a single message until the forum is visited again. The single forum has to be visited again to reenable email notifications for the already notified threads.
The module adds a separate table to track this data.

For now you should really modify the entry for NewReplyMessage in your language file to tell the user that he won't receive a new reply until he visits the forum where the message originated from.

ATTENTION: This module requires Phorum 5.2.15 (to be released) as it needs the thread_id in the maildata.
See this tiny change if you want to manually add the needed data (and remove the require_version line in info.txt of this module).

Installation instructions:

- Unpack the archive;

- Move the directory "single_notification" to the directory "mods"
  within your Phorum installation;

- Login as administrator in Phorum's administrative interface and
  go to the "Modules" section;

- Enable the module "Single Notification".

- add option to reenable notifications only after visiting the original thread again
- add language files to override email messages to tell the user that he will not receive more notifications until the forum has been visited again.

Thomas Seifert

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