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Module: Feedback Questionaires

Posted by Phil Connolly 
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Module: Feedback Questionaires
November 24, 2009 08:39AM
This module adds feedback questionaires to forum threads. Administrators can create feedback questionaire forms with multiple topic/questions and rating scales which can then be attached to forums, providing posters with additional fields to post topical feedback when new messages are created. The questionaires are fully integrated into Phorum's message management (i.e., add/edit/delete and display of messages). The module does not require any additional coding, and once enabled, is immediately available for use. The GUI elements of the module are template based, providing implementors the option to customize the appearance of the questionaire forms, and the appearance of the presented data.

The current release (version 1.0.2) contains the following features:

Define simple topical questionaire forms.
Each questionaire can have one or more topics (or questions), with each topic receiving an optional rating scale (i.e., a scale of one to ten). The upper range of the scale is configurable for each topic. So you can have a topic that allows rating from 1 to 5, and another topic that has rating 1-10, and a third topic that has rating disabled, etc.

Assign your topical questionaires to your forums
Link your topical questionaires to your forums, and your questionaire forms will be integrated into the forums' posting system. When enabled, a topical questionaire will be inserted into the posting form in both New and Edit views. Posters can fill in their feedback (and optionally choose a rating), and the questionare data will be saved with ther message post. During display of the post, the questionaire data is inserted into the post display. A form can have more than one topical questionaire linked to it. When there are multiple questionaires enabled ror a forum, the questionaires are stacked on top of each other.

Granular control of feedback
There is a global enable/disable setting for each topical questionaire affecting both input and display. There is also a setting to disable new questionaires, but continue to display previously entered data (as well as allowing prior questionaires to be edited by their authors). Individual topics rating settings are also individually controlled.

All text strings are in the module's language file(s).

Captions for rating scores
Ratings are by default displayed as something like this: "5 out of 10" meaning of course the poster selected 5 and the topic was configured with a maximum scale of ten. However, you can define captions to translate a "5" into some text string... whatever you want. The language file holds some special keys for rating score captions, using the key format "RankN" where N is the score value. A special key "RankMax" defines a caption for when a maximum rating score is selected. These captions are displayed next to the numerical score when the caption is available.

Copy the contents of the attached Zip file into your mods directory. In the Phorum Admin section, go to Modules and turn on the Feedback Questionaire module. In it's settings, click "New" to define new topical questionaires, adding one or more topics and optionally setting rating scales to each topic. Link your questionaires to your forums, and off you go.

This is my first module... so I would most definately welcome constructive feedback and even criticism.

ToDo list
- a "I found this useful" widget added to the questionaire... readers can click and pump up the "usefulness" metric. Good stuff for readers rating posted feedback in a customer feedback scenario
- Enabled/Disable individual questionaire topics
- Allow defining the order of multiple questionaires linked to single forum.
- Add your own ideas?

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Missing argument 2 for PhorumInputForm
May 14, 2010 04:05AM
Just wanted to let you know about a couple of warnings I received running the newest release:
Warning: Missing argument 2 for PhorumInputForm::hidden(), called in mods/feedback/settings.questionaire.php on line 72 and defined in /include/admin/PhorumInputForm.php on line 123

Warning: Missing argument 2 for PhorumInputForm::hidden(), called in /mods/feedback/settings.questionaire.php on line 73 and defined in /include/admin/PhorumInputForm.php on line 123
Re: Missing argument 2 for PhorumInputForm
May 14, 2010 09:53AM
Oh my ... HOW HARD CAN IT BE?????
You are again posting support questions in the modules forum. We went over this so many times. This time I'll merge the post with the original thread. Next time, I will bluntly remove your post from the modules forum.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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Re: Missing argument 2 for PhorumInputForm
May 14, 2010 06:36PM
Thanks for the bug report. I just uploaded version 1.0.2 which corrects a bunch of PHP warnings.

Re: Missing argument 2 for PhorumInputForm
May 15, 2010 01:22AM
Sorry, this was an accident! ... Although, it might be a thought to remind users within the posting form in which forum they actually post.
Re: Module: Feedback Questionaires
July 11, 2010 04:59AM
At the top of the 'Feedback Module Settings (1.0.0)' page, the following is stated:

To use this module, 'mod_feedback' must be created as a Custom Profile Field. Be sure to read the included readme.txt file for more information on the optional template changes for this module.

It seems that I can not find the readme.txt file? I can't seem to get the questionaire section to open for anybody but the poster who created the topic.
Re: Module: Feedback Questionaires
July 12, 2010 06:21PM
The top of the settings page was showing incorrect information that should have been removed from an earlier versions. The most recent version is 1.0.2, there is no longer a requirement for a custom profile field "mod_feedback", and there isn't a readme.txt. Thanks for pointing those out, I just updated the zip archive here.

On your last point, that is by design, the questionaire form is targeted to the poster, so the the forum can behave somewhat like a feedback-collecting site or customer reviews site. The results of the questionaire are then displayed for all other readers. It is possible to hack this module to allow repliers to also receive their own questionaire forms, but that was not the original intent for when I created this module.

Re: Module: Feedback Questionaires
July 06, 2013 07:37PM

this module will work neither in combination with the Embed Images Moduel nor Embed Attachments.

Anybody an Idea to solve this conflict?
Re: Module: Feedback Questionaires
July 07, 2013 06:45PM
Instead of the attached Picture only this appears in the message: [embed_image 59bfdc128377688977c87c35e2257dd4] Could anybody help please?
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