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Module: Auto Hide

Posted by Brian Moon 
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Module: Auto Hide
March 27, 2009 09:11PM
This module will help with your moderation needs. Messages will be hidden automatically when a certain number or reports are submitted by your users. Also, this module will allow you to set how many reports are required for you to receive an email.

This is an update to the 5.1 version of the same module. The 5.1 version worked with 5.2. But, there was some issues with message caching and general bad practices that I cleaned up.

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Re: Module: Auto Hide
March 27, 2009 09:15PM
So the messages are hidden, not deleted?

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Re: Module: Auto Hide
March 28, 2009 01:47PM
So the messages are hidden, not deleted? Where is it hidden & how to unhide it? Need to switch off / deactivate the Auto Hide module to unhide the hidden messages?
Re: Module: Auto Hide
March 28, 2009 01:57PM
You need to be logged in as a moderator/admin and go to the Control Center. From there you can view unapproved messages. If a message is reported/hidden which was posted earlier than your current filter, you will need to expand the list to include older unapproved messages.

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Re: Module: Auto Hide
March 28, 2009 01:58PM
they are hidden in the same way as if you would use the "Hide + Replies" function and these messages can be approved again in the "unapproved messages" panel in the control center.
And yes, it only hides the messages and won't delete them. This doesn't override the delete function. if you "delete" a message its still deleted.

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Re: Module: Auto Hide
December 03, 2010 05:07AM
Out of curiosity, are these unique reports, or can the same user keep reporting the message to trigger the apparent deletion?

Robert Angle
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Re: Module: Auto Hide
December 03, 2010 09:28AM
The reports are indexed by the user_id of the active user, so multiple reports by the same use won't trigger the hiding.

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Re: Module: Auto Hide
December 21, 2010 04:48AM
I have a suggestion.

When a reported post disappears into the queue, can the author of that post be tagged or marked so that if he posts another offensive post and it gets reported also, his ability to post get's suspended until a moderator can address the situation?

What would really work in my personal situation, is not to deactivate the user altogether, but cause him to be suspended from all groups, and added to a specific group designated for temporarily banned members. The reason for this latter statement is because I already have a group for this purpose: to carry a private conversation with a user about his behavior in order to determine whether he should be permanently banned or not. Users who get added to this group see a custom message in my personal template.

For example, I have Register to Group module enabled and all new registrants are automatically added to group_id=1. The violator would be removed or suspended from all groups and added to group_id=5 automatically (and his flag or marker would get removed). The Admin could restore the users privileges by adjusting his group settings in the admin panel.

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Re: Module: Auto Hide
April 20, 2016 10:19AM
2016/04/20 version 5.2.2 by Oliver Riesen-Mallmann (
- Obsolete assignment by reference (&new) removed; see: []; thanks to Fabian Bastin.

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