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Module: Sphinx Search

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sphinx_search_1.0.0.tar.gz 12.1 KB open | download Martijn van Maasakkers 03/05/2009 Read message
Module: Sphinx Search
March 05, 2009 08:56AM
Thomas Seiffert created the Sphinx Search module for Phorum 5.1, and because we're going to integrate sphinx into our system I updated this module.

Read the README file for instructions and for questions... just ask me...

2009-03-05 v1.0.0 by Martijn van Maasakkers (
	- Mar 05, 2009 
	- Update version for use with PHORUM 5.2
	- Added settings page where you can set the hostname and port of the sphinx daemon

2007-04-24 v0.9.2 by Thomas Seifert (
       - limited results to 1000
       - some security for the forum_id

2006-12-02 v0.9.1 by Thomas Seifert (
       - Updated to sphinx 0.9.7, added delta indexes and a host-ip
2006-10-13 v0.9 by Maurice Makaay (
     - Return search control to the Phorum search script in case an
       unhandled type of search is encountered (e.g. the USER_ID search
       type for Phorum 5.2).
2006-09-13 v0.8 by Maurice Makaay (
     - little hack in SetGroups of the sphinxapi.php script to not deny
       group 0 (is_int(0) is false, but we can have 0 for announcements)
     - if no results are found, return empty results immediately (before,
       no results would trigger undefined index warnings)
     - changed example config in README to use settings inheritance

2006-09-07 v0.7
     - received some more testing and hence ...
     - fix for date-order

2006-07-13 v0.5  
 	- first implementation, without admin interface

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open | download - sphinx_search_1.0.0.tar.gz (12.1 KB)
Re: Module: Sphinx Search
May 20, 2009 05:09AM
well I've got a trouble or two using this module.
How to handle USER_ID instead of AUTHOR match_type?
It searches fine in messages, but not in authors. Author search returns a full scan actually.

Regards, Zdravko
Re: Module: Sphinx Search
May 20, 2009 05:54AM
after your previous post I'm curious which sphinx_search module you are really using. any hint?

Thomas Seifert
Re: Module: Sphinx Search
May 20, 2009 07:04AM
Yes, sorry I've posted to 5.1 forum. I guess this is better. This sphinx_serch is version: 1.0.0.
In particular I made the following change:
} elseif($arrSearch['match_type'] == 'USER_ID') { // AUTHOR in 5.1
$match_mode = SPH_MATCH_PHRASE;
$index = $index_name_author;
$arrSearch['search'] = $arrSearch['author']; //probably wrong!!!
} else {

This is more a hack than a correction. It just works. ;)

Regards, Zdravko
Re: Module: Sphinx Search
July 28, 2010 04:18AM

i've just published update 1.1 to this plugin, which works nicely for me!



you may report bugs to the git issue tracker:
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