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Module: Search Engine Friendly URL's

Re: Module: Search Engine Friendly URL's
October 15, 2013 04:42PM
Thanks Skinny, I already added this kind of stuff, but I wanted to be straigt-forward about the fix. ;)

Anyway, this add-on is too buggy and requires far too much work to be useful for me. Too bad.
Re: Module: Search Engine Friendly URL's
February 07, 2014 03:47PM
This is a great module that could really improve hits from Google, but it lacks handling of cyrillic letters. I did a sample modification that could help to properly convert cyrillic to latin in URLs. This should work for Bulgarian and Russian.

You need a new function inside:

Language: PHP
function cyr2lat($str) { $tr = array( "А"=>"a", "Б"=>"b", "В"=>"v", "Г"=>"g", "Д"=>"d", "Е"=>"e", "Ё"=>"yo", "Ж"=>"zh", "З"=>"z", "И"=>"i", "Й"=>"j", "К"=>"k", "Л"=>"l", "М"=>"m", "Н"=>"n", "О"=>"o", "П"=>"p", "Р"=>"r", "С"=>"s", "Т"=>"t", "У"=>"u", "Ф"=>"f", "Х"=>"h", "Ц"=>"tz", "Ч"=>"ch", "Ш"=>"sh", "Щ"=>"sht", "Ъ"=>"y", "Ы"=>"y", "Ь"=>"y", "Э"=>"e", "Ю"=>"u", "Я"=>"ya", "а"=>"a", "б"=>"b", "в"=>"v", "г"=>"g", "д"=>"d", "е"=>"e", "ё"=>"yo", "ж"=>"zh", "з"=>"z", "и"=>"i", "й"=>"j", "к"=>"k", "л"=>"l", "м"=>"m", "н"=>"n", "о"=>"o", "п"=>"p", "р"=>"r", "с"=>"s", "т"=>"t", "у"=>"u", "ф"=>"f", "х"=>"h", "ц"=>"tz", "ч"=>"ch", "ш"=>"sh", "щ"=>"sht", "ъ"=>"y", "ы"=>"y", "ь"=>"", "э"=>"e", "ю"=>"yu", "я"=>"ya"); return strtr($str,$tr); }

Then you have to patch sef_urls_convert to call the above function to make sure that cyrillic characters are translated:

Language: PHP
function sef_urls_convert($strValue) {   // Patch to handle cyrillics $strValue = cyr2lat($strValue); // End of patch   $strValue = preg_replace("/([^a-zA-Z0-9\-_\ ])/", "_", $strValue); $strValue = preg_replace("/([\ ])/", "_", $strValue);   $strValue = strtolower($strValue);   return $strValue; }

Hope this would be helpful.
Re: Module: Search Engine Friendly URL's
March 06, 2014 04:54AM
Hi there
We found some strange bug: the SEO URLs Modul destroyed the Phorum Search Result links. At the search page is not a global phorum id set ($PHORUM['forum_id'] and its needed to set the forum_id manually on the link generator, here is a Fix for the Problem:
Language: PHP
function sef_urls_search($arrList) { // XXX> lka: Forum ID wird nicht in den URLS mitgegeben, gefixt foreach($arrList as $intID => $arrMessage) { $read_url_template_thread = phorum_get_url(PHORUM_FOREIGN_READ_URL,$arrMessage[';forum_id';],';%thread_id%';); $read_url_template_both = phorum_get_url(PHORUM_FOREIGN_READ_URL,$arrMessage[';forum_id';],';%thread_id%';,';%message_id%';); // <XXX $strSubject = sef_urls_convert($arrMessage[';subject';]);   $arrList[$intID]["URL"]["READ"] = sef_urls_create_read_link($arrMessage, $read_url_template_thread, $read_url_template_both); } return $arrList; }
Sincere regards, Katy

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Re: Module: Search Engine Friendly URL's
June 04, 2014 04:13AM
Hello Martijn

Thank you for the wonderful module! :)
I had a problem with the module at first because of the following setting of my .htaccess file:
Options +MultiViews

It cased all requests to be redirected to /index/

But when I changed it to

Options -MultiViews

and it fixed the problem.

I thought maybe my experience would be helpful for someone having problems with the module.

Thank again for the very useful module!
Re: Module: Search Engine Friendly URL's
June 04, 2014 01:25PM
The other thing to think about is when you edit the subject it also causes the URL change.
And you result with two different URLs leading to the same page.
Would have been nice to have a redirect to the current version of the page (moved permanently).
Otherwise google won't be happy with multiple URLs leading to a page with the same content.

Maybe something like this?

Language: PHP
function sef_urls_read($arrList, $message_id = 0) { global $PHORUM;   $read_url_template_thread = phorum_get_url(PHORUM_READ_URL, ';%thread_id%';); $read_url_template_both = phorum_get_url(PHORUM_READ_URL, ';%thread_id%';,';%message_id%';); $read_page_url_template = phorum_get_url(PHORUM_READ_URL, ';%thread_id%';,';page=%page_num%';, ';_subject_';);   if($message_id && isset($arrList[$message_id])){ $url = sef_urls_create_read_link($arrList[$message_id], $read_url_template_thread, $read_url_template_both); if(!isset($_SERVER["REQUEST_SCHEME"])) $_SERVER["REQUEST_SCHEME"] = "http"; if($url != $_SERVER["REQUEST_SCHEME"]."://".$_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"].$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]){ header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently"); header("Location:".$url); exit(0); } }   $edit_url_template = phorum_get_url(PHORUM_POSTING_URL, ';%action_id%';, ';%message_id%';); $reply_url_template = phorum_get_url(PHORUM_REPLY_URL, ';%thread_id%';, ';%message_id%';); $reply_url_template_quote = phorum_get_url(PHORUM_REPLY_URL, ';%thread_id%';, ';%message_id%';,';quote=1';); $profile_url_template = phorum_get_url(PHORUM_PROFILE_URL, ';%forum_id%';, ';%user_id%';, ';_username_';); ....

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Re: Module: Search Engine Friendly URL's
May 17, 2015 02:01PM
I have a question How to get the RSS links to be the same as the SEF links ?
Maybe this could be a simple htaccess fix also EXAMPLE:
I need this link in rss []
made to this link that is the forum link : []
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