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Module: External Authentication

Posted by Joe Curia 
Re: Module: External Authentication
August 19, 2009 10:54PM
I've just released a new version of my Apache/LDAP plugin for the External Authentication module. The new version fixes a bug which caused users' randomly-generated passwords to be much weaker than intended. I suggest all users upgrade, and also investigate setting new random passwords for any users the plugin created.
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Re: Module: External Authentication
August 26, 2009 01:25AM
Thanks, Joe for that great mod.
I succesfully integrate elgg to my phorum in way I wanted. So thank you very-very much :)
Re: Module: External Authentication
September 15, 2009 12:19PM
Hi Joe

It would be great to see a plugin for CMS Made Simple, it's a great CMS (second in the Best PHP Open Source Content Management System 2008) and if it could work with Phorum they'd be a splendid team.


Re: Module: External Authentication
September 19, 2009 07:03AM
Hello all,

I have integrated drupal-6.13 and phorum-5.2 using the external authentication module. All works well, except the logout from the phorum. When I logged out from phorum, it never occurs. The session doesn't expire even if I close the browser. Can somebody please help me to troubleshoot the issue.

Re: Module: External Authentication
September 22, 2009 10:38PM
I'd be interested in seeing the code for your drupal drupal-6.13 / phorum-5.2 integration.
was that an already populated forum you integrated?
did you also port user information?

is it possible you could post it here or somewhere?

that's exactly what i was just thinking i'd like to try. :)
Re: Module: External Authentication
September 23, 2009 11:52AM
did you read at all what this thread is about?
the integration code is in the first post or better its available for this module.

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Re: Module: External Authentication
October 28, 2009 08:21PM
I have posted a query about the logout issue of Phorum-Drupal module in this thread. But unfortunately I didn't got any response regarding the issue. So I tried to investigate the root cause of the issue. It seems the issue is with the sessions table in drupal. Before doing the test case below, I have emptied drupal's session table:

mysql> select * from sessions;
Empty set (0.00 sec)

Now I visit the phorum link(http://localhost/projects/qcsc/phorum/) and the sessions table got populated:
mysql> select * from sessions;
| uid   | sid                                     | hostname | timestamp | cache | session |
|   0   | rt1rkmvq7o44634l3dgfiqs7k0 | | 1256757244 |     0 |         | 
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

After logging to drupal(http://localhost/projects/qcsc/drupal) in the same browser:

|   0 | rt1rkmvq7o44634l3dgfiqs7k0 | | 1256757244 |     0 |                         | 
|   5 | o743phib0rtufnej7m3655e6b4 | | 1256757390 |     0 | support_client|s:1:"1";

Now when I visited the phorum URL it got automatically logged in as drupal user:
|   5 | rt1rkmvq7o44634l3dgfiqs7k0 | | 1256757467 |     0 |                         | 
|   5 | o743phib0rtufnej7m3655e6b4 | | 1256757390 |     0 | support_client|s:1:"1";

After signing off from drupal:
|   5 | rt1rkmvq7o44634l3dgfiqs7k0 | | 1256757467 |     0 |         | 
|   0 | o743phib0rtufnej7m3655e6b4 | | 1256757511 |     0 |         |

Only the entry corresponding to the drupal session is reset. The entry which was created when I visited phorum is still in drupal's table.

I think the sign out issue I explained above is due to this entry. Is this a bug? or am I doing something wrong?

Please help
Re: Module: External Authentication
October 29, 2009 05:09PM
Sasikala, sorry I missed your earlier post. Thank you for reporting this bug. I was able to track down and resolve the issue, aided in large part by the thorough debugging in your second post.

Please download R3 of the Drupal plugin and install it (the only file that really needs to be uploaded is the "/drupal_6_x/hook_user_session_restore.php" file). This should resolve your issue. Thanks again for you work on this.

Joe Curia (aka Azumandias)
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Re: Module: External Authentication
October 29, 2009 07:03PM
Thanks Joe for the quick fix.

I have tested R3 in my development box and it works fine.

I was in darkness for the last 1 month due to this bug. But since I didn't have any prior development experience in Phorum and Drupal I couldn't clearly find a solution. I'm happy that I was able to provide the correct test case.

thanks once again.
Re: Module: External Authentication
November 01, 2009 07:29AM

Encountered this error in the admin, after a refresh its gone though:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function user_load() in /phorum5/mods/external_authentication/plugins_bin/drupal_6_x/hook_user_save.php on line 34


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