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Module: Twitter new posts

Posted by Brian Moon 
Re: Module: Twitter new posts
August 25, 2011 07:56AM
Okay I installed the new version after looking a little closer at the thread and set it to tweet new posts only and got my keys put in the right places, though it still isn't working. Any thoughts on that? I appreciate your help btw!
Re: Module: Twitter new posts
August 25, 2011 08:28AM
A forum is assigned where new posts should be posted from?
try a disable -> save, enable -> save cycle.

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Re: Module: Twitter new posts
November 03, 2011 09:25AM
installed the new version and set it to tweet new posts. Registred application at Twitter and it still isn't working. I appreciate your help. Event log:
User info:

Anonymous user
User IP address =

Additional details:


PHP notice: Undefined index: username

PHP notice generated at /home/content/58/8150058/html/abcd/mods/twitter/twitter.php:6

Back trace:

Function mod_twitter_url called
Function call_user_func_array called at
{path to Phorum}/common.php:1885
Function phorum_hook called at
{path to Phorum}/common.php:853
Function include_once called at
{path to Phorum}/list.php:21

Request info:

REQUEST_URI = /list.php?1

May be i did some mistake when registering application? Can anybody help me? I'm not a programmer, can also write in russian.
Re: Module: Twitter new posts
January 12, 2012 01:42AM
I too can't get my posts onto Twitter. I'm running Phorum 5.2.16 and v. 2 of this mod. I got the codes from Twitter correct. I've set the module for new topics and selected the forums I want. cURL is enabled and running. I do not get any PHP notices in my event log.

I think it's all the extra Twitter settings for the application, which I had no idea how to answer. Stuff like the callback url, the application type, the request settings, and authorized @anywhere domains. I know this module is working for people. Could someone walk me through all the Twitter settings for the application, please?

Nevermind. I found a walk through: []

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