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Posted by Steve Healy 
Re: Module: Top Users
February 02, 2012 06:22AM
I downloaded French UTF-8 from the language forum,
Uploaded it to /include/lang/

Checked the Admin/Default Settings---Display Settings--Fixed Display-Settings (user can't override them) select ---> No
Select Submit at the bottom of the page.
Checked the Admin/Default Settings---Display Settings--Language \ drop down to see if I can see the French = Yes

If you did not inherit Forum settings from the Default Settings page, you will need to visit the forums individually and edit each one, and Submit.

User may change language in their Control Center/Forum Options.
I tested French UTF-8 on my Forum. it works
Re: Module: Top Users
February 02, 2012 08:58PM
did you install a general italian translation or only the one from this module? the one from this module is ONLY for this module, not a general translation.

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