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Module: Recent Messages

Posted by Maurice Makaay 
Re: Module: Recent Messages
December 15, 2011 09:08AM
the recent messages module is a fully fledged solution for a separate page with new posts, grouping by different features and other stuff. its far too heavyweight for a simple newest post list.
Maybe that module [] is what you want - but I didn't test it, just found it in the search.

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Re: Module: Recent Messages
October 15, 2012 03:33AM
May I make a request for a future version of this mod - could you please add in moderator delete thread/message links in the same way as in the main forum list?

The reason is that sometimes spam arrives spread out across 10+ forums all within a few minutes of each other.
Some of my moderators do not look at the less used forums so spam gets missed.
The Recent Messages view would show these spam threads and provide a convenient page to delete them from.

Many thanks,


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Re: Module: Recent Messages
October 17, 2012 03:30PM
I have just tried to add the "delete message" functionality by editing:
/phorum/mods/recent_messages/templates/<my template>/render_message_row.tpl

However, the template variables DELETE_THREAD / DELETE_MESSAGE do not appear to be present?

I have tried both:

EDIT: Also,
...does not seem to be working in render_message_row.tpl
t's as if there needs to be some call in recent_messages.php to set up these variables?
I see phorum_build_common_urls(); is in there, is there a similar function like phorum_build_moderator_urls(); ?

Any advice on how I can access these or similar template variables would be appreciated.



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Movie Deaths Database - "review comments" system mostly powered by Phorum
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Re: Module: Recent Messages
September 20, 2013 03:42AM
Installed. Thanks for this!! It is working just fine on 5.2.19. Thanks again.
Re: Module: Recent Messages
August 31, 2016 03:40PM
New Version:

2016-08-31 v2.1.2 by Oliver Riesen-Mallmann <>
    - Made XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant.

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