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Module: BBcode Spoiler

Posted by Maurice Makaay 
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Module: BBcode Spoiler
October 04, 2007 07:25AM
This module adds the bbcode [spoiler]...[/spoiler], which can be used for adding a spoiler to a message (a spoiler is information that you do not want to show right away to the reader of the message, e.g. a movie plot or a solution to a puzzle, because that could spoil some fun for the reader). The reader can then decide on his own whether he wants to read the spoiler or not.

The module does implement an Editor Tools button, which can be enabled from the module's settings screen.

The spoiler is implemented in such way that the spoiler data is not loaded at all. This way, it is guaranteed that the spoiler data is invisible, even if the user is using a text browser like "lynx" or if the user is viewing the page source. When the reader clicks the link to open the spoiler, then the spoiler content is loaded using a JavaScript Ajax request. For browsers that do not support this technology, a fallback URL is provided, which will reload the page with the requested spoiler data visible. For these reasons, the accessibility of this spoiler module is very good.

You can try out the spoiler feature on my testing and development server.


2015-09-18 v1.0.10 Oliver Riesen <>

    - Fixed some more missing unescaped backslashes in javascript code.
    - Performance improvements.
    - Added Russian language file. Thanks to yupri.

2008-06-24 v1.0.9

    - Fixed a missing unescaped backslash in javascript code.
      Thanks to Oliver Riesen for the notice.

    - Added new German language files. Thanks to Oliver Riesen!

2008-05-02 v1.0.8

    - Fixed a character encoding problem which occurred when using
      special characters in a spoiler for non-UTF8 Phorum installs.

2007-11-23 v1.0.7

    - Created a work around for a missing URL building call in
      Phorum 5.2.2-beta, causing the images to not appear in some cases.

2007-11-02 v1.0.6

- Make use of the new css_register and javascript_register hooks.
This requires Phorum 5.2.2-beta or newer.

- Added a German language file.
Thanks to user "sunbringer"!

- Fixed a problem with the preview mod when editing a message, in
case the edit action was used to add a spoiler block.

2007-11-01 v1.0.5

- Honor the "disable bbcode for this post" flag (a feature of the
BBcode module).

- Added #phorum identifier to the CSS code and improved the CSS code
a bit to make formatting of spoilers inside quotes look good.

- Made spoilers inside private messages work.

2007-10-23 v1.0.4

- Added Turkish language file.
Thanks to Serdar of

- Improved interoperability with the In-body Attachments module
(requires In-body Attachments module version 1.5.3).

2007-10-09 v1.0.3

- Fixed bug: the preview of a spoiler in a user signature did not work
in the user control center's "View my Profile" section.

2007-10-07 v1.0.2

- Made it possible to use spoilers in the signature.

- Added an option to the module settings, which can be used to allow
the use of spoilers in the signature. This feature is off by default.

2007-10-04 v1.0.1

- Fixed bug: the default spoiler description did not work.

2007-10-03 v1.0.0

- Initial release

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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Re: Module: BBcode Spoiler
March 13, 2014 05:14AM
russian translation UTF-8 language file
open | download - russian.utf-8.php (1.3 KB)
Re: Module: BBcode Spoiler
September 18, 2015 06:44AM
New version 1.0.10:

2015-09-18 v1.0.10 Oliver Riesen <>

    - Fixed some more missing unescaped backslashes in javascript code.
    - Performance improvements.
    - Added Russian language file. Thanks to yupri.

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