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Module: Impersonate User

Posted by Maurice Makaay 
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Module: Impersonate User
September 14, 2007 07:25AM
Allows administrators to (temporarily) impersonate a different user, which can be useful when investigating user specific problems.

Impersonating another user can be done by clicking on a link in the target user's profile screen. It is also possible to search for a user in the user control center (new menu item: Switch user) and work directly from there.

Note: Because of some new features and fixes for Phorum 5.2, you need to install at least version 5.2.1-alpha. The module will not work with older versions of Phorum.


2016-08-31 v1.0.7 by Oliver Riesen-Mallmann <>

    - Made XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant.
    - Changed htmlspecialchars option from ENT_COMPAT to ENT_QUOTES.

2011-01-09 v1.0.6

    - Added new German language files. Thanks to Oliver Riesen!

2008-03-01 v1.0.5

    - The "Impersonate user" link in the control center was incorrectly
      shown for moderators and not only for administrators. This had no
      security implications. The link was there, but not functional.
      Thanks to Berti for noticing the problem.

    - Made the notification "fixed", so it will always show at the
      top left position on the screen. In MSIE6 and before this will look
      differently, because that browser does not support position:fixed.
      This does not seem a big problem to me, since this module is for
      administrators only.

    - Added German translation. Thanks to Berti!

2007-12-10 v1.0.4

    - Improved the template a bit, to make it cooperate with templates
      that use absolute positioning.

2007-10-04 v1.0.3

    - Moved some code from the after_header to the common hook, because
      on some occassions, it would try to remove a cookie by sending a
      cookie header. That does not work though, since there already
      was output on the page (resulting in a PHP "headers already sent"

2007-09-14 v1.0.2

    - Implemented a user search screen in the "Moderate" section of the
      control center. That screen can be used to search users and impersonate
      to them.

    - Fixed the problem that the impersonate user link also appeared in the
      user's control center when looking at the "View My Profile" panel.

2007-09-13 v1.0.1

    - Implemented a notice about impersonating a different user and
      an option to switch back to the admin user account.

2007-09-12 v1.0.0

    - Initial release

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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Re: Module: Impersonate User
August 31, 2016 08:34AM
New version:

2016-08-31 v1.0.7 by Oliver Riesen-Mallmann <>
    - Made XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant.
    - Changed htmlspecialchars option from ENT_COMPAT to ENT_QUOTES.

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