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Posted by Maurice Makaay 
Re: Module: User Avatar
July 02, 2008 02:57AM
Maurice Makaay
Version 3.0.3 should fix this problem.

Thanks Maurice!


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Re: Module: User Avatar
July 02, 2008 03:12AM
With IE7 when I am log out, the URL end of an avatar image is : phorum527/file.php?12,file=45

When I am log in, the URL end of same avatar image is : phorum527/file.php?12,file=45,phorum_session_v5=1

With Firefox, in log in or log out mode, the URL end of same avatar image is : phorum527/file.php?12,file=45
Re: Module: User Avatar
July 02, 2008 03:26AM
You have a session id in the Phorum URL. The "1" in there is not exactly right though, yet I can still load the avatar directly on your page if I use that URL. Are cookies disabled in some way in MSIE? Do you see a session_id parameter in all the URLs when you visit the forums?

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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Re: Module: User Avatar
July 02, 2008 05:04AM
Cookies are not disabled, for ie, I am directly Log in when I go on this PHORUM5

I have also see that, when I got à cross, if il load the URL of my cross in a new page, I get the avatar image
And at each cross I get the same end phorum527/file.php?12,file=5,phorum_session_v5=11%
(I have an error in my old post it is _v5=11%)

I have sent you a private message so you could make test
Re: Module: User Avatar
July 02, 2008 07:11AM
I created a testuser/testit account which allowed me to see the avatars both logged in and out. There was no session information on the file for me in IE7. It may be possible that you blocked cookies only for your site?

Ok, I did some more testing and when I went in IE7 to Tools>Internet Options>Privacy>Sites and set your site to block all cookies I got the same session info and the same red crosses. I would guess you have blocked your site (or the main .net site) from leaving cookies.

That said, I also looked at the source code and the full session ID is listed after the picture (in IE if you right click on the picture and look at properties it will cut off the full url if to long but if you look at the file name at the top it will show the full session id. So. . . maybe this module is not working well with session ids at the end. Quick fix, stop blocking your site. Long term fix may be in Maurice's hands.

EDIT: In FireFox, when using session ID's the avatars are also not loading, however FireFox (for me) quickly hides the red crosses by hiding the missing picture.

EDIT 2: With further investigation, when I paste the image url with full session ID into the address bar I get the "Permission denied: links to files in the forum are only allowed from the forum itself" error.

EDIT 3: Yet more testing found that if you set Admin>General Settings>Allow Linking To Uploaded Files to "From this web site" the images will display with the session ID but not if "Only from the forum" is selected. Still this would seem to be an error on the part of this setting as you are looking at the image from within the forum. Especially in light of the fact that without session IDs (ie logged in with cookies or not logged in at all) the images do show with "Only from the forum" selected. So it looks like this is not a problem with this module (as the error also occurs with images attached to messages).

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Re: Module: User Avatar
July 02, 2008 02:43PM
Thanks for the investigation Azumandias! That sure helped me. This issue is fixed in changeset 3430, which will be in the next stable Phorum release.

As a work-around, configuring General Settings -> Allow Linking To Uploaded Files -> From this web site in the admin interface will fix the problem too.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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Re: Module: User Avatar
July 03, 2008 06:55AM
Many Thanks Azumandias and Maurice, in General Settings -> Allow Linking To Uploaded Files I choose "from any Web site" and now is OK
Re: Module: User Avatar
August 08, 2008 03:33PM
There is somehow a problem with this module on my webiste. When I upload an image the preview isn't working, yet the image shows up on posts. Help?
Re: Module: User Avatar
August 08, 2008 04:56PM
It is working for me. Can you check with the default emerald template? Switch to that template to see if the functionality is okay. If it is, then it's not working for the template that you use.

Also (but this is no news): explain problems if you run into them instead of telling "doesn't work". I get tempted to respond with "does work".

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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Re: Module: User Avatar
August 08, 2008 06:42PM
I'm sorry if I didn't explain myself well. I am therefore enclosing a picture on what Avatar looks like on Emerald. I usually use Tabbed Emerald, but it looks exactly the same on both. I hope that this is more clear on what the problem is. Again, if you look at the image, the image preview is not appearing, yet on read.php it IS appearing.

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