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Module: Hide Signatures

Posted by Maurice Makaay 
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Module: Hide Signatures
August 21, 2007 05:43AM
This mod adds a configuration option for users, which can be used to disable viewing of user signatures. The option can be found in the user's control center under the "Forum Settings" item.


2007-08-21 v1.1.1

    - Forgot to keep track of the install state. Thanks to Thomas for
      noticing that glitch in the Google Maps module, which has the
      same kind of problem.

    - Added new German language files. Thanks to Oliver Riesen!

    - Added Spanish translation. Thanks to user Diego.

    - Added Turkish translation. Thanks to user scabboy.

2007-08-21 v1.1.0

    - A new tree for the Phorum 5.2 version of the module.

    - Updated the module to make use of the new custom profile
      field API for automatically creating the required profile field.

    - Make use of a template for showing the option in the control
      center. This makes it possible to let the option cleanly
      integrate with the used template.

2006-08-11 v1.0.1

    - Improved the automatic custom profile field creation code.

2005-11-18 v1.0.0

    - Initial revision

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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