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Module: Admin Security Suite

Posted by Joe Curia 
Failed to login to the admin section after 5 attempts
July 16, 2010 03:58AM
i can´t login with my admin password, because...

User "" has failed to login to the admin section after 5 attempts and is now locked out. The override code for that user to login is 11111111111.

How can I log in. I got an email with the override code, but where I carry the code now?

Username: admin
Password: 11111111111
Enter this code: 1204

Doesn´t work!
Re: Failed to login to the admin section after 5 attempts
July 16, 2010 04:01AM
Well, that sounds like being from the admin security suite module. Its not a core functionality.
Therefore please post that to the module's thread so its author can have a look at your issue.

Thomas Seifert
Re: Failed to login to the admin section after 5 attempts
July 16, 2010 08:19AM
Depending on your settings in the Admin Security Module, you will need to use that override code in order to get back to the login screen after your account has been locked. However, you will only need to use that override code for the X minutes you chose to lock out accounts after failed login attempts. If your account is still locked, you will not see the login screen when you open your admin.php page. You will instead see the message "Admin login has been disabled due to a number of failed login attempts" and a blank for entering the override code you received in your email. If you have waited the X minutes, you will no longer need the override code and can attempt to login again. However, if you have forgotten your admin password, you will still be unable to login. Are you able to login with that admin user on the front end? If not, you may be able to request a forgotten password there. Otherwise you can also go into the MySQL database and change the password for your admin user in the _users table.

Joe Curia (aka Azumandias)
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Re: Module: Admin Security Suite
July 25, 2011 02:43PM
I get
Warning: possible module "admin_security_suite" found, but no module information is available for that module.
when I go to my modules menu in Phorum 5.2.16

I have copied the files correctly to the mods folder. I didn't change the folder name or any files inside the folder.
The log didn't return any errors.
Re: Module: Admin Security Suite
July 25, 2011 02:54PM
The distribution looks okay to me. A folder "admin_security_suite" with an info.txt and admin_security_suite.php in it. The error suggests that the info.txt file is not in there at the expected spot.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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Re: Module: Admin Security Suite
October 11, 2011 11:13PM
Oh, I can answer this one. You left the zip file in the module directory. It's looking at that file and thinking it should be some other module but there is no info.txt for it. Try deleting that zip file after installation of the module is complete or move it do some other directory outside of the Phorums directory. The error should be gone.
Re: Module: Admin Security Suite
April 20, 2016 04:53AM
v5.2.1.05 by Oliver Riesen-Mallmann (
        - Obsolete assignment by reference (&new) removed; see:
          thanks to Fabian Bastin

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