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Charset for french letters

Posted by metoo 
Charset for french letters
June 08, 2022 04:26AM
I use your phorum (in French language )during more than 15 years and it’s works so good. Thank you very very much
I have migrate to a new server this week and there ia a problem with the charset to UTF-8
The “é” becomes é for example Café becomes Café
It’s surely due to the character set , which charset do you think is better for french letters and in which files I have to change them
Thanks you
Re: Charset for french letters
July 23, 2022 08:14AM

If it's a new server, it could be 3 things :
- either the header of the page itself (sent by Apache for example)
- the header of your page (in code source, you should have a <meta charset="iso-8859-15">"
- the change in the charset of the db itself

run it like on a website that gives you header easily and look at the
"Content-Type text/html; " it should say charset=iso-8859-15"

if this is the case you have to change back your header like before (change in Apache)

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