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Mobile Template: date of Last Post issue

Posted by Maxim_A 
Mobile Template: date of Last Post issue
September 16, 2021 11:43AM
Hi people, I use Automatic Mobile Template Module and it works fine except of the one issue.

Date of Last Post in Forum list is always correct. If forum was updated yesterday, displayed date is "Last Post: Yesterday".

However, date of Last Post in Thread list always indicates the date of the first post.

For example, a thread was created 8 years ago but updated yesterday. In mobile template, Last Post date will be "8 years ago" and not "Yesterday". See screenshot "Thread list".

This way, mobile template in thread list indicates a date of a first post but not of a last post.

I believe, this is issue because Google indexes mobile pages now and they are displayed exactly like this in search results.

Is it possible to fix it?

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