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registration.php load returns 404

Posted by Jovian 
registration.php load returns 404
March 29, 2021 03:55AM
The Phorum install co-exists with WordPress but is independent with links in the headers between the two.
Running Phorum 5.2.23

Using any path to registration.php via a link or entered directly returns a 404 error. The file is present, I replaced the file with an original from the 5.2.23 download. this had no effect. All of the forums are working properly but the site is unable to gain new members.

All of the includes in the registration file are also present. The registration form never loads. I did a test install in a different domain on the same server with no issues.

Any ideas or questions are welcome.
Re: registration.php load returns 404
March 29, 2021 04:14AM
I am somewhat answering my own question. I installed a second Phorum on the same domain. The install had a warning about Caching, so I disabled Caching on the test install. I am still getting the 404. The 404 is in the WordPress format, something I did not mention above. It appears to be WordPress causing the 404. We will probably resolve the issue by moving Phorum to a second Domain.

If anyone knows of a way to work around WP with this it could be helpful to many.
Re: registration.php load returns 404
March 29, 2021 03:06PM
It is not clear what you are doing or want as a result.
Phorum is register.php, not registration.php
If you are trying to use one login for both, check if WP requires the registration link to come from a WP page.
Meaning it prevents direct access to the registration.php always. (spam prevention) in which case you will need to
add the info/link needed by WP to allow a link from Phorum, or disable the info/link requirement.

* WP can handle in code, or .htacces for *nix or the IIS equivalent to .htaccess.

Note: I do not run WP so can't help there.
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