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Log error because of mod embed_images

Posted by elmotard 
Log error because of mod embed_images
May 23, 2020 01:21PM

I have some times in my logs, errors due to a misusage of the embed module.

this is an example of what is the genereting the error.

I guess it's in a message somewhere ?

But when i do a direct mysql request in the messages table, i can't find it ?

Any idea on how I could find the message that is responsible for that ? (then i could modify manually the message to avoid future errors)

Re: Log error because of mod embed_images
May 29, 2020 11:33PM
From the looks of things, there is either corruption, someone is using the module improperly, or

https :/ / www . urldecoder . org/ <-(spaces added)


/addon.php?13,module=embed_images,url= http%3a%2f%2f%0a%0a%0a%0amessage+%e9dit%e9+par+son+auteur+%2808-07-10+13%3a45%29%0a%0a
decodes to...

/addon.php?13,module=embed_images,url= http://

(these linefeeds are in the url)



http: //

(these linefeeds are in the url)

message + edited + by + its + author (08-07-10 + 13:45)
There is a date above, so the message with the problem was started before that date.

There is usually more detail in the error message as shown below from my forum .

Additional details:


PHP error: <h1>Modscript Error</h1><br/>Missing "module" argument.

PHP error generated at /var/www/html/ForuM/addon.php:105

Back trace:

Function trigger_error called at
{path to Phorum}/addon.php:105

Request info:

HTTP_HOST = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . com
REQUEST_URI = /ForuM/addon.php?9%2Cmodule=recent_messages
QUERY_STRING = 9%2Cmodule=recent_messages

The request info indicates that the call to "recent_messages" was direct, and done by a probable bot.
Re: Log error because of mod embed_images
May 31, 2020 04:51PM
Thanks !

yeah, some users did put
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