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Saving of uploaded images

Posted by elmotard 
Saving of uploaded images
April 10, 2020 03:30PM

My issue is regarding the saving of images uploaded by the internal function "attach a file".

All images uploaded by users are uploaded in many random directories. years after years, you have many deep subdirectories, all of this for basically one image.

I want to retrieve all images within all these thousands of thousands of subdirectories, and save them like 1000 images in one subdirectory and instead of using the module that is taking care of this uploaded images, would replace all links in all messages by the new links.

Right now, with the modules, images are embeded in messages like :
[attachment 32904 IMG_1584745379084.jpg]
and I would then replace that by the way to integrate an image on a website this way :
[ img ][ /img ]

It's easy to modify the body in the message itself.
My question :
but where to find the table or the way to find the link between the way images are in messages ([attachment 32904 IMG_1584745379084.jpg]) and where they are really located ?


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Re: Saving of uploaded images
April 10, 2020 10:14PM
Question: Are you using the module ... Look in the Admin under Modules.

* Store Files on Disk:
This module takes care of storing file data (attachments, personal user files) on disk instead of using the database as the file storage.
Author: Thomas Seifert and Maurice Makaay
Version: 1.1.1
If the answer is yes, all I can tell you is the file and directory names are determined by the Time they were created (should be GMT, however earlier versions of the module used local server time). I don't use the above module, and do not know much about it.

If you are not, then determine if these are in the Phorum .cache, or the admin defined cache specified in the embed images module.
If they are in the cache, determine if they are thumbnail size. Thumbnails are stored on disk, and will be recreated when needed, however deleting them will slow the system when they need to be recreated. Verify this with a test image, don't take my word for it.
Re: Saving of uploaded images
April 12, 2020 02:10PM
Yes ! Thanks, it was the Store Files on Disk !

There is no much way to configure but the code sounds easy enought, located at :

I will deep in that.

Thanks again

note : and for those who could think why i'm doing this, it's just because the saving of all these subdirectories is impossible on a blue ray disk (after downloading all using ftp). Moreover, i want to make sure to use a batch to compress more the images with a Photoshop, compression without losing quality, better than my GD library.

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