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Forum disapears

Posted by volny 
Forum disapears
March 25, 2020 12:43AM
Maybe I should post this somewhere else, if so I apologize in advance.

When I activate the latexrender module or the bbcode_video module, the forum just disapears. I get a blank page. When I turn the module off form the admin interface, everything works again.

What did I miss ? (I did set permissions on the directories that latex needs)


Re: Forum disapears
March 25, 2020 08:59PM
What version of Phorum?
What version of php is being used?
New install?

Any modifications to the phorum code, or integration with other pages on your website?
Re: Forum disapears
March 28, 2020 02:29PM
Sorry, I forgot to give details :)

Phorum 5_2_23
php version 7.2

Install done one week ago.

installed modules :
Announcements, ON
BBcode (version 2.0.12) ON
BBcode Spoiler (version 1.0.10) ON
BBcode Video (version 1.0.10) OFF
Editor tools (version 1.2.3) ON
Embed MP3 (version 1.0.4) ON
Event Logging (version 1.0.9) ON
Gozerbot (version 1.0.1) ON
LatexRender Phorum Mod OFF
Online Users (version 2.5.3) ON
Send mail through SMTP OFF
Simple Text Replacement Mod (version 1.0.1) OFF
Smileys ON
Spam Hurdles (version 2.0.2) OFF
Tidy Output OFF
Username Restrictions (version 1.0.2) OFF

No modification of code, no embedding or integration (yet)
Re: Forum disapears
March 28, 2020 06:48PM
Phorum has issues with php7.x+ as you have experienced.
The particular issues vary a little bit by operating system, host server, etc.
The mods you are using have not been updated for longer than the main phorum software.

For instance: (version 1.0.10) video mod has http: , instead of https: , hard coded in it. It will not work without modification for any of the commercial (youtube, etc.) sites.

Go to this link [] and download the latest dated (2016) BBcode video.php

Then read the messages on page 9 of this topic.
Re: Forum disapears
March 28, 2020 06:56PM
As for the Latex mod, read the messages with that topic to start. []
Re: Forum disapears
March 31, 2020 12:30AM
Thanks a lot. It helped.

Yet I still can't see my videos, but I posted here in the Video Post
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