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captcha text in german

Posted by ratatouille 
captcha text in german
August 15, 2019 11:23AM

I enabled the module Spam Hurdles (version 2.0.2) but the text is in english.
In phorum/mods/spamhurdles/lang I see there is a german.php.

How do i activate that one instead of the english version? In general settings
I use german language.

Re: captcha text in german
August 18, 2019 11:48PM
If you have a "german.php" language file enabled in ./include/lang, then in ./mods/spamhurdles/lang, the language file name "german.php" must match exactly, or it will not work.

The following module may not work with php 7.x
There is also a module you can install Language Package: German It does need a small correction in the settings file on line 48

$frm =& new PhorumInputForm('', 'post', 'Save');
//  remove the ampersand
$frm = new PhorumInputForm('', 'post', 'Save');

Read and follow the directions for the various mods.
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