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Post error after MySQL update

Posted by CBiLL 
Post error after MySQL update
March 13, 2019 11:53AM
Today I updated MySQL to 5.7 and we are getting this error when we try to make a new post. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this

Thank you

Phorum Database Error
Sorry, a Phorum database error occurred.
Please try again later!
Field 'recent_author' doesn't have a default value (1364): INSERT INTO phorum_messages (forum_id, datestamp, thread, parent_id, author, subject, email, ip, user_id, moderator_post, status, sort, msgid, body, closed, moved, meta) VALUES (43, 1552492031, 0, 0, 'TechBill', 'Test', '', '', 1, 1, 2, 2, 'da250015df5a086efca2bcd12918a2ef.FeedbackForum', 'Testing one and two and three', 0, 0, 'a:0:{}')
Function phorum_database_error called at
{path to Phorum}/include/db/mysql/mysqli.php:212
Function phorum_db_interact called at
{path to Phorum}/include/db/mysql.php:977
Function phorum_db_post_message called at
{path to Phorum}/include/posting/action_post.php:149
Function include called at
{path to Phorum}/posting.php:595
Re: Post error after MySQL update
March 13, 2019 01:10PM
I managed it figure out what cause it.

I had to turn off the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES in SQL Mode

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