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Corrupt Attachment Download?

Posted by tdavis34 
Corrupt Attachment Download?
February 13, 2019 09:23AM
Hello, we have a most bizarre issue going on that just started after years of working fine and no obvious cause or changes on the server that would cause it.

In short, the images or other attachments that are associated with posts get corrupted during download. I have verified that the images as stored in Base-64 in the database are in perfect shape, and even saved them off to a local file before sending back to the client and verified that they are non-corrupt just before the binary content is streamed to the client in the phorum_api_file_retrieve function. That function uses "print", but I have tried "echo" as well, with no success. The file is in great shape up until that point, but what I get at the client is corrupt (for example, a 493 KB JPG came in a little smaller on the client and, looking at both files in a hex editor, I can see that both files start out the same but then are different in the middle (was hoping it would be something like extra characters added to end by some hook or something).

Anyway, does anyone have any ideas why this could be happening? Can't imagine what could be corrupting the files in transmission.

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