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Embedding Phorum in web page

Posted by mangfpt 
Embedding Phorum in web page
July 22, 2018 09:39AM
Hi all!
I'm trying to fit the Phorum inside my web page in a maner that i can use web page navigation also in Phorum.
What i have now is when clicking the 'Forum' link the Phorum opens and nothing from web page styling is visible except the Phorums.
So i need a help to manage the .tpl files to embed Phorum in my web page properly. I know some of php programming,html,css ....but no knowledge of '.tpl'.
Can anyone help me with this..?
Re: Embedding Phorum in web page
December 09, 2018 06:39PM
I did that to my site, but instead I integrated a search engine. What I did was duplicate my index.php tpl template and converted it to a "php" file so that I can use php, HTML and Smarty. I replaced the smarty and html code in the Phorum Block Div area and replaced it with my Search Engine Script.

I believe you are trying to do the opposite though. you would be bringing Phorum to your current site. Install Phorum to another directory and modify the your header and footer to match your current site along with links.

Very complicated to explain. I do believe that there is a help topic on integrating phorum with other sites.
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