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Reducing the size of the database to assist in moving it.

Posted by Mark Fresh 
Reducing the size of the database to assist in moving it.
March 10, 2017 11:19AM

As part of my move from 5.1.19 to 5.2.23 I have created a test area however the database is so big that it makes moving it cumbersome and it's bulk cacauses timeouts which I have to work around. I would like to reduce the size of the database on the live site so that I can export it swiftly without issues.

Here it is:

  1. ...I would like to delete all files over 6 months old from the phorum_files table, can I do this safely and if so what command do I use? I don't care that the message will say "file not found" or similar.
  2. ...There's a lot of rows in the phorum_user_newflags, phorum_pm_xref and phorum_search, can I safely remove all of them? If so how?
  3. ...Finally running purge stale files from the admin interface on the current site 5.1.19 seems to struggle then I get a blank screen after 3-4 mins, is there a command line to do that?

1 is the main one I want to sort out and that definitely has to happen on the current site. I could perform 2 and 3 on the new version if necessary.

Any other tips on reducing the size would be great.

Thank you
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