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template responsive

Posted by JPFaucon 
template responsive
October 04, 2015 12:37PM

i would like now where i can found template responsive for phorum.


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Re: template responsive
October 05, 2015 11:17AM

I think a responsive template is the wrong way.

See also:


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Re: template responsive
October 13, 2015 09:21PM
Oliver, reading those 2 articles I still do not think reponsive design itself is wrong, at most people use it just the wrong way.
Paying attention too fast loading websites and not using hidden content, just because the screen is too small is the way to go. (I think...)
Depending on your expected audience I use mobile first approach, mobile only, or a responsive design). Furthermore, spread content over more pages. And the best tip: no ads:) So it keeps a matter of pro's en cons. (Well, this all just works for me).

Going on-topic: JP if you still want it, you can use any responsive template and take a look at the default template on how to implement the template code.(copy/paste all the templatecode-parts into your new responsive template). If you take a bit time for it, it isn't really difficult. Don't touch the default templates! Just create a new template map and only edit there.

Also take alook at: so you do understand the template language, Handy, so you know what you are copy/pasting.

<hr />
usually manuals are written by experts,
so.....that's the reason why i do not understand the manuals)

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Re: template responsive
April 03, 2017 08:50PM

I tried mod_responsive by Brian Moon I think, and wasn't entirely pleased. Phorum on a phone from a server running mod_responsive shows a forum I can make bigger or smaller by spreading or contracting two fingers on the phone screen but it doesn't re-flow the text, so most of the page is off screen. I'm 69 years old with bad eyes after three eye surgeries. So I need it big if I want to read it, and I want it all inside the viewport too.

Another take:
make a mysqldump from server
load it into a phorum schema on localhost so you can hack at will
update phorum_settings where name is http_path so the codes will work on localhost (so the header looks at local css)

in templates/emerald
edit header.tpl so it also includes a local copy of bootstrap.min.css

write a perl script that does things like
($line = $_) =~ s/<table.*?>/<div class="container">/;
print $line, "\n";

...etc, so all instances of table become <div class="container">
so all <tr> become <div class="row")

all th and td elements become div class="col-sm-1 th"

Now make class th mean something in css.tpl
Now all *.tpl flies have th and td elements whose value is one column wide in the boostrap grid, defined by class="col-1"
which may not be what you want.

At this point you have to hand edit each *.tpl so some columns are wider, perhaps div class="col-sm-6"
Now you have a responsive template that really works.

I'm a few hours away from something hard-coded I will use on my own phorum......that works right on a phone.

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Re: template responsive
April 30, 2017 05:32PM
This is emerald munged to bootstrap. No tables no tr th td. It's all divs, which does make it easier to hack. This is ugly list.tpl with hard-coded css styling. That will gradually migrate into settings.tpl and css.tpl.


Now that I'm more familiar with the *.tpl templates I think I've figured out how to make forum appear as the contents of a div, in a surrounding cms context. That's too long a story for here. But I'm pretty sure I've got it.
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