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conflicts with group permissions

Posted by dsibilant 
conflicts with group permissions
December 21, 2011 09:21AM
I have 3 groups: moderators, banned, and probationary. Probationary may post after their posts are approved, using the Moderated User Group module. Banned may not post at all.

New users automatically are put into the probationary group (via the register to group module). When the moderators add a regular user to the banned group, it works fine--they can't post. But if the moderator adds a probationary user to the banned group, he can still post as normal--the post just waits for approval from a moderator.

Is there a way to give a precedence to group permissions? Otherwise the mods have to remove the offender from one group and then add him to another. I need the banned group to not be able to post, regardless of any other groups he may be in.

Re: conflicts with group permissions
December 21, 2011 08:38PM
as robert already told you in another thread: groups are for adding permissions, not really for taking them away.

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