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How come ???

Posted by Laurent 
How come ???
February 13, 2002 07:57PM
How come my topic just disappeared ????

I just can't see why it bothered anyone on here !!! Damn, I was just searching for some information and help, I posted a question about Graphics for Phorum in the "Graphics for Phorum" section, and somebody deleted it ????

What the hell ??? I don't know what I've done wrong, please let me know !

<b>Re: How come ???</b>
February 16, 2002 01:01AM
<HTML>you posted a hack suggestion, which was posted here and NOT a correct place to post.</HTML>

Re: How come ???
February 16, 2002 07:08AM
Wow, well if I did that I'm sorry... I ASKED if there was a way to do womething I know nothing about, maybe, just maybe you could at least have told me I should have posted it somewhere else ? I mean, it's not that this Forum is overcrowded or something right ? I really thought I might get some help, my problem was all graphics oriented, I'm really sorry it bothered ya.
Too bad for me.
Nevermind, go on this way.
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