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OK, How do I use "plug-in"

Posted by Overdrive 
I have read alot of old posts about using smilies with the "plug-in" and quite a few references to a post that must no longer exist. Where, oh where are instructions on how to 1. utilize the "plug-in" and 2. how to create smilies. It would also be great if the guy who had the cool folders ( hot topics and stuff) to divulge his secret on how to achieve these effects....

Thanks for any assistance.
Re: OK, How do I use
September 05, 2001 03:44PM
Re: OK, How do I use
January 09, 2002 05:14PM
dffdg ?
does it means something?
let me know...
Re: OK, How do I use
January 10, 2002 12:20PM
dffdg = qwerty = asdf

look at your keyboard please.... :P
Re: OK, How do I use
November 14, 2002 09:41AM
hey what is this for a stupid answer. please take it serious.
the posting before was a good question.
Re: OK, How do I use "plug-in"
December 09, 2002 04:29PM
I think this is the thing you want. I got it working on a forum I run in about 15-20 minutes. it's not too bad, and has an install script.

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