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Posted by marc 
June 28, 2001 08:21AM
I have put icons in the nav bar of phorum,
have a look: []
and download the add-on called IconPhorum
(in french or in english)
if you like it !

and please excuse my poor english ;)
Re: icons
July 03, 2001 07:58AM
Please, give me some feedback :)
Re: icons
July 04, 2001 05:19AM
Looks cool, :)
Re: icons
July 21, 2001 12:39AM
I cannot find the "value="$lSearch" string in my search.php...

Please help I like the layout of your icons and would like to use them.

Re: icons
July 21, 2001 03:26AM
I am sorry, the string to find in search.php is

value="<?PHP echo $lSearch;?>"

and you replace "<?PHP echo $lSearch;?>" with "Search" or "TheWordYouWantOnTheButton" J
Sorry again for the bug

Re: icons
July 21, 2001 08:40PM
Excellent! Thanks for the icons. Looks great. Now if I can just get smilies working I will be all set.
One Small Problem
July 21, 2001 09:03PM
The "New" icon does not show up on new posts. It is looking for nouveau.gif in the /lang/icons/ folder but that file does not exist.
Re: One Small Problem
July 22, 2001 06:51AM
It's an horrible error !
You can copy it on [] and paste in icons folder.
I have to quickly add it in IconPhorum !

Re: smilies
July 22, 2001 06:56AM
The smilies are not mine, you can download EasySmiley there:

Re: smilies
July 23, 2001 10:07AM
Thanks Marc! Just one question... Do you have the readme file in english? I knew I should have taken French in school :)

Re: smilies
August 22, 2001 11:13AM
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