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Posted by Frans l.h. Janssen 
May 31, 2001 07:48AM
Is there some universal agreement on how to use the Smileys? And if so, what are they?

I know the simple ones used in this forum.

Smile :)
Frown :(

What are the general characters for the other ones?
Re: Smileys...
May 31, 2001 02:33PM
i made a simple smile list, you can look it up []
Re: Smileys...
June 04, 2001 10:48AM
I can't open it... Please, put it somwhere else!
Re: Smileys...
June 04, 2001 06:01PM
should work now
Re: Smileys...
June 15, 2001 01:40PM
Is there a downloadable code for this

Re: Smileys...
June 15, 2001 01:40PM
Is there a downloadable code for this
Re: Smileys...
June 16, 2001 07:12AM
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Lots of smileys can be found here, include the ones you like in your own phorum!
<a href="[];

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Re: Smileys...
June 17, 2001 10:29PM
Thanz for the site given, but i question was on the hacked code for this to happen not on the icon of smileys. Appretiate if you could help om this issue.

Re: Smileys...
June 18, 2001 01:01AM
it's replace plugin just look in plugins of your phorum admin.
Dont Understand
July 21, 2001 12:47AM
"it's replace plugin just look in plugins of your phorum admin."
OK, what does this do? how does it work? Are there smilies already built in to Phorum?

Thanks for any info
Re: Dont Understand
July 22, 2001 10:58PM

Login into your phorum administration page, click on the Manage Plugin and click on Properties then key in what you want to replace with.
Re: Dont Understand
July 23, 2001 09:30AM
"then key in what you want to replace with." OK, is this a bad joke? Replace what with what? I don't understand... key in what??? commands? images? what??? replace what??? I know what the plugin screen looks like, what (exactly) do you put in there?

Sorry for the frustration but I just don't get it!

Re: Dont Understand
July 23, 2001 06:43PM
1. go to admin page
2. click on "manage plug-ins" link in admin page
3. click on "properties" for "replace plug-ins"
4. on that page, there will be two fields
"new replace __________ with ___________". the first field put ":-)" and second field put your image tag of where your smiley face image is at.
5. click on "apply" and put in ":-)" in the message body and once posted it should show you the smiley image.
Thanks Amy!
July 23, 2001 07:48PM
OK, finally figured it out! used <IMG SRC=../images/smileys/smile.gif> in the "with column and it works!

Thanks so much Amy
Re: Thanks Amy!
September 10, 2001 10:52AM
Hi there..

I just .. downloaded 3.3 version of phorum .. and i looks like the plugins thing ...dont work at all . !

I go on and Activate the plugins, and i put : ) in the Replace window and in the with colum i put the url to the image..!! .. but.. nothing. al all happens.. in the message body.. when i use : ) .. it just ..prints out the : ) no image.. :(

what is there to do..!! ..Everything is allowd in the forums.. so it cant be that..

please sombody.. help.

Re: Thanks Amy!
October 25, 2001 10:41AM

Just get the plugin forlder form the CVS

The version bundled with 3.3 Stable doesn't work but this has been fixed since

Wow! Talk about confusing
October 26, 2001 09:50AM
I am not clear on the whole CVS thing but man, find what folder? where? only thing on that page shows 3.2 releases....
Are there instructions on how the whole CVS thing works?
Re: Wow! Talk about confusing
November 07, 2001 02:27PM
Allright, I've placed ; ) this code in the first box and < img src="smilies/wink.gif" > in the second box (without spaces) but if I try it in the forum, it doesn't work. Do you know any sollution. I've got Phorum version 3.3

Re: Wow! Talk about confusing
November 14, 2001 05:01PM
Sure it's not a location problem? Try putting the whole url instead of the relative and see if anything changes.
Re: Wow! Talk about confusing
November 19, 2001 05:59AM
I've tried that also, but when I get back to the plugin page after a day or something, there are \ before and after the ", so I guess there's the problem.

Re: Wow! Talk about confusing
November 26, 2001 08:57AM
I can't see the third column : result.
Re: Wow! Talk about confusing
April 12, 2002 05:58AM
It works. Don't use quotes within the <img> tag ..
Re: Wow! Talk about confusing
May 11, 2002 05:17PM
OK I have Phorum 3.3.2a. I have uploaded several smiley gifs and checked that they do show up in the browser.

Went into admin, replace plugins, and added all five gifs. I use : ) in the first column and < img src=http://fullpath/smile.gif > without the spaces in the second column. Is there supposed to be a 3rd column?

After clicking apply, I go into my forum. But all I get is : ), no picture.

I tried looking at the CVS but have no idea how to get in there.

Please help.
Re: Duh...
May 11, 2002 05:56PM
That "Activate Plugin" button really helps ;-)

Working now.
Re: Smileys...
October 25, 2002 12:19AM

version 3.4 so far is working fine and to setup a smiley is simple
just put your phrase or whatever in the replace box and select the
similey to replace it with
Re: Smileys...
April 30, 2003 09:11AM
Je souhaites vous féliciter pour votre forum !, et je tiens aussi à remercier le webmaster pour ce site très très bien fait ...

Bonne continuation à vous tous !
Aurélien.C []

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