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SVN and changelogs

Posted by billybob 
SVN and changelogs
March 30, 2005 01:35PM
So by now I'm really excited about the use of subversion, the tools available for it and the further changes involved there.

I.e. for the project-management (bugs, source-browser, milestones, wiki) we are using Trac now ( [] ).
I think its much nicer than before.
Take a look at the timeline, where all tickets and all changesets (commits to subversion-repository) are shown.
We can reference nearly everything in trac in the commit-messages and so on.

For the changelogs ... the 'svn log' command can directly output XML now, wow.
And there it can go further ... we have a nice XSL-stylesheet ( [] ) which can generate some simple changelogs from the commit-messages.
As that stylesheet is just simple XML with some XPath and stuff we could change it easily and are generating the current changelogs with it.

See [] and [] .
Not too bad, right? ;)

I hope all that stuff will ease the development a little bit.

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April 15, 2005 01:57PM
well... this works. wow.
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