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Phorum Code documentation for users

Posted by Dan Anderson 
Here's a little write up on Phorum Code for Phorum users. Phorum Code is used instead of HTML, for security reasons. For example, to link to a site, use (on 1 line):

Here's the document. Feel free to use it (please link to my page and give me credit though :-):

The phorum code example didn't show up. It's

left-bracket url right bracket
left-bracket /url right bracket

[ url right ]
[ / url right ]

(without the spaces, replace right-bracket with ] and left-bracket with [

In anycase, see my link, where the example does show up properly:

Re: Phorum Code documentation for users
May 24, 2002 10:31AM
isnt it basicly just html version of usage.txt?

Brian - Cowboy Ninja Coder - Personal Blog - Twitter
Thank you for posting the link Dan. This is very helpful.
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