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Moderator explanation

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Moderator explanation
May 01, 2002 08:25PM
I'm having difficulty with a few concepts touched upon in usage.txt.

Moderation This determines the level of moderation the forum will have?
Correct me if I'm wrong but I only see one moderator level.
<HTML>type is a better word. This sets whether posts will be emailed to the moderators before/after being posted or not at all.</HTML>

Re: Moderator explanation
May 03, 2002 12:47AM
Okay, that's called "Email Moderator:" in my 3.3.2a admin. Why not just call it "Moderator email notification"? No confusion there.Brian Moon wrote:

<b>Re: Moderator explanation</b>
May 04, 2002 07:35PM
<HTML>'cause it also sets the type. i.e. messages don't appear in the forum if it is set to "email moderator before posted"</HTML>

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