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Installation - line by line

Posted by Paul 
Installation - line by line
March 30, 2002 07:43AM
Note: I posted this before, but it was buried amoungst many other posts, and I thought giving it a title of its own might help someone.

I think a lot of the problems with phorum people have is getting that connection to MySQL. There is very little to do other than that. (It goes without saying that a php and MySQL installation is a requesite here!)

Here is how I do it:

--------------Step 1---------------
# After the gzip and untarring of the source, I moved the phorum to my webspace and:

mv phorum-3.3.2a phorum

cd phorum

chmod 755 scripts/secure


# There is not much here to deal with, but perhaps the best thing is to rename the default "admin" to something else - anything else. Everything else I left default.

# Step a - Get into MySQL:
usr/local/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p

# Step b:
USE phorum;

# Step c;
select, insert, update, create, alter, delete, drop
identified by
'your password here';

--------------Step 3---------------
# Open your web browser and go to:

[] [admin or whatever you named this] index.php

Enter Your Database Settings:
Database - Server Name: localhost
Database - Name: phorum
Database - User Name: root
Database - Password: 'your password here'
Phorum - Main Table Name: forums

# You're almost there:
Create the admin user:
User Name: whatever
Password: whatever

That should get your Phorum up and running and from there you can toy around with it until you get comfortable. It might be noted that I put an index.html file into the phorum and the admin folders for security's sake. That way if someone trys to hit those open folders with a web browser they are not greeted with an open list of the folder contents.


Paul Montgomery
Re: Installation - line by line
April 02, 2002 02:05AM
"# After the gzip and untarring of the source, I moved the phorum to my webspace and:

mv phorum-3.3.2a phorum. Where do you put this statement?

cd phorum Is this a file folder or what? Do I understand right that this a change directory statement? If so where does it go?

chmod 755 scripts/secure I am using Apache on win98 and chmod does not work, what to do?


In the first line of the quote, where did you put the phorum, I made a file folder in HTDOCS and put the phorum in there. Is this correctt?
I have been trying to get a forum of any kind up for about a month of really intense effort and have had NO luck.
I have installed the forum several times and have never been able to even find the GUI interface for the configuration, Do you have any help for me?
Where ever I have gone for help the answers that I have gotten are so cryptic that I dont understand them.
PHP and mySQL are installed and test OK

Re: Installation - line by line
April 03, 2002 06:15PM
I'm afraid I won't be able to help you much on a Win98 install since mine was on Linux and I don't really know that much about Windows. However, as for several of your questions, the

mv phorum-3.3.2a phorum

is merely changing the folder name from phorum-3.3.2a to phorum, which is not absolutely necessary.

I'm not sure about how you deal with the permissions problems on Windows and yes, HTDOCS should be as good as any other place for your phorum.

Sorry I can't help you more, as I said, I can only vouch for the Linux install, which is what the above script is for.

Good luck,

Re: Installation - line by line
May 24, 2002 11:53AM
I have untart the files and I placed the files on the ftp-server. And then...

Every time when I go to the Phorum I get this error:
Phorum could not load the settings file (./admin/settings/forums.php).
If you are just installing Phorum, please go to the admin to complete the install. Otherwise, see the faq for other reasons you could see this message.

I printed out your line by line, but I don't know where I can exactly change the things. I'm a beginner in Php and I'm not sure what to change and what not. But for now, my phorum isn't on-line. I could use some help here.

Re: Installation - line by line
May 27, 2002 03:30PM
Shedding some light:

Win98 is not a multi-user OS. There is no equivalent to CHMOD which sets ownership and user privileges for directories and files in *nix systems. You should be able to ignore any comand line entries for chmod on your system.

"Phorum could not load the settings file (./admin/settings/forums.php)"

My guess is you haven't completed the setup/install process.

Section 3 "Running the install script" of the instructions is a bit vague. Point your browser at:

If you have followed the recommendations for security and renamed your "admin" directory, use the new name in place of "admin" in the url above.

Re: Installation - line by line
June 04, 2002 08:52PM
Thanks for the instructions. They're definitely the best I've been able to find. That said, I'm still having a little trouble. I go to the end of your instructions, and get put back to [localhost], just like I should. I see the login box, so apparently Phorum thinks things are set up. When I enter my username/pass that I set up in the admin script process, I just get popped right back to the admin/index.php page. I can't ever get logged in. Any ideas?

Re: Installation - line by line
December 08, 2003 03:54PM
Hi Paul,
Thanks for your easy step by step guide.
Just wanted to mention, that for me step 2 didnt work as described. I had to skip the two last lines of step c. I am using it on a Debian-box with mysql 4.0.16-2.

so instead of
# Step a - Get into MySQL:


# Step c;
select, insert, update, create, alter, delete, drop
identified by
'your password here';

I used the following:

# Step c;
select, insert, update, create, alter, delete, drop

hope that's useful
Re: Installation - line by line
January 27, 2004 05:44AM
> "Phorum could not load the settings file (./admin/settings/forums.php)"

I guess you have renamed admin directory to <smth else>, that might be a reason why install script can' find ./admin/settings/forums.php. Rename it back to admin
and try again. This could help.
Re: Installation - line by line
February 21, 2004 02:43AM
everything looks good, but it says I dont have any tables or there is another problem searching them. it then says can not create tables No database selected. What am I doing wrong?
I'm getting the same problem. Installing on Windows, have MySQL installed, but Phorum can't create the tables. Can anyone give the step-by-step for dummies from start to finish?
Re: Installation - line by line
June 24, 2004 03:39AM
Table 'phorum.forums_bodies' doesn't exist
Insert Into forums_bodies (id, body, thread) values (0, 'Test Post', 0)Table 'phorum.forums_bodies' doesn't exist
Update forums_bodies SET thread = id WHERE id = 0Unknown column 'author' in 'field list'
Insert Into forums (id, author, userid, email, datestamp, subject, host, thread, parent, email_reply, approved, msgid) values ('0', 'admin', '1', '', '2004-06-23 21:34:34', 'Test', 'localhost', '0', '0', '', 'Y', '<6047674d1b23c46de1f598a5f3e80e30.Main>')Unknown column 'thread' in 'where clause'
UPDATE forums SET modifystamp = 1088040874 WHERE thread = 0

How do I fix this problem? thanks
Re: Installation - line by line
August 01, 2004 04:01PM
Hi! I need to ask something........Well, I´m newbie and I don´t understand much of php ..I installed my phorum, and it´s working fine (great!) but I need to know if there´s a way (may javascript, I don´t know) to put the phorum in my page without using frames? I mean....... like this phorum.
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