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FAQ additions

Posted by /dam 
FAQ additions
March 19, 2002 05:34PM
How about we add some new FAQ's?

Here is one to get us started:

"How do I reorder my forums and folders?"

Re: FAQ additions
March 19, 2002 05:46PM
Also, it wouldn't hurt to change the wording of FAQ #5 from:

"What files do I customize to change Phorum to fit my site."


"I want Phorum to look good in my site - what files do I customize to change things like headers, footers, font sizes etc?"

(There is nothing wrong with the original wording but people still regularly post about font sizes and the like)

The current answer also doesn't cover the phorum.css file.

Something along the lines of:

"Phorum uses a Cascading Style Sheet, 'phorum.css' - from which you can control virtually every element of a phorum page. For example, you can change message bodies to use a proportional font by modifying the 'PhorumMessage' class.
For more information on stylesheets please see [];

Re: FAQ additions
March 22, 2002 12:20AM
FAQ #1 should be:

Q: "I want to post a test post to try out this forum!"

A: Then please use the Demo forum provided for this purpose and not any of the support forums.


Out of interest, are any of the dev team reading these suggestions? I'd like to know if they are too busy to respond (which would be fair enough) or if they don't want FAQ suggestions posting here (in which case I will stop!).

Re: FAQ additions
March 23, 2002 11:24PM
Another FAQ:

"I have set my forum to not show users' IP addresses but I can still see them, is this a bug?"

No, administrators can always see users' IP addresses, this is by design.
To test your forum simply logout and then see if the IP addresses are hidden as you intended. This also applies to forums set to hide IP addresses for registered users only.
<HTML>I am reading.</HTML>

<b>Re: FAQ additions</b>
April 18, 2002 08:00PM
<HTML>me too :-).
I will update the faq's</HTML>

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