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New installation instructions

Posted by Chris Moss 


But what are the default values after just installing postgresql ?


Dear all

After much screeming and shouting and sulking I have the default values for an install of a postgress database

Database server name
Nothing leave blank as it is the local host

Database name - test
The database is created by you from the command prompt.
eg /usr/local/pgsql/bin/createdb test

Database user - test
The user of a database is created by you
eg /usr/local/pgsql/bin/psql test
create user test;
Should respond with CREATE USER
now type \q to exit

Database password
Nothing blank as by default all local host logins do not need a password

Then everything should work.

The only other problem I had was not compiling PHP with postgress support


If anyone needs a walk though of installing phorum from scratch ie compile apache,postgresql,php then phorum. email me and I will post it here.

./configure --with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs --with-pgsql

make installStephen George wrote:

> Hi
> But what are the default values after just installing
> postgresql ?
> Stephen
pgsql config stuff
October 19, 2002 01:25PM
If you put localhost as postgresql hostname you need postgresql started with tcp/ip support which is line
"tcpip_socket = true"
inside postgresql.conf and restart pgsql. This is OFF by default so NO hostname is usually best if db is on the same server as this will always work.
Re: New installation instructions
October 22, 2002 06:17PM
During the install, after selecting the mysql as the database, I am prompted tor servername, database name, etc. No matter what I put in these fields, I am given the error:

Error: Could not find or open the dbfile. Check your settings again.

Can someone tell me what dbfile we are talking about, and what settings I need to check?

mysql seems to be working ok. I can connect to i tmanually as well as with phpomyadmin

Re: New installation instructions
October 22, 2002 07:21PM
did you upload the <phorum-dir>/db-dir too?

Re: New installation instructions
October 22, 2002 08:26PM
There is a directory in my phorum directory called "db". Is this what you mean? It contains:
auth_pgsql.sql postgresql.php
auth_mysql.sql mysql.php postgresql65.php
Re: New installation instructions
October 22, 2002 09:31PM
install.php seems to fail the test on line 33:
if(!file_exists("./db/$dbType.php")) {
Not sure about the path, since I found the error string in the phorum/admin-dir/pages directory, but the file mysql.php DOES EXIST in the phorum/db directory.

Hope that helps.

Re: New installation instructions
November 08, 2002 08:20PM
I got through the installation script with no problem. But I can't login. I just get the login and password prompt and nothing happens when I enter the values I set a couple of pages previous. ???????
Re: New installation instructions
November 19, 2002 07:49AM
Tell me Chris this forum can use for Windows?
I have the same problem that keith has. I set everything up okay, but when i try to login, nothing happens. the page just refreshes itself. i checked the database, and i'm in there, i even set another admin there. i dont' know if that would work though, since it looks like it's encrypting the password.

anyways, i just setup everything, and it looks correct in the database, but i can't login to the admin.

please help.

Hi, Novice here!

Had problem with signing on. Screen kept refreshing not telling incorrect password (good thing as far as security is concerned eh!!). Anyway...the original optional username specified on setting up did not work, so I tried same password as for database login... seemed to work...same thing happened after a reinstall! changed password after this and ok now.

Hope this may helps!

PS this program is red hot. I no nothing about PHD or P, but had this up and running in 20mins...looking at a lot of the post, It appears quite a few problem may be due to incorrect database or server config. Mine appears to be running without any problem!

Using ISP 'Plus Net' DSL.
GUI Windows XP SP1.
IE 6.
Hi, Novice again!
Apologies, see above post. I meant Username, Not password.
August 07, 2003 04:57AM
Re: New installation instructions
August 18, 2004 11:37AM
hi everyone
I have installed the package succesfuly but at the end I get the message :
CGI Error
The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers. The headers it did return are:
for just this page , all other php ages are working properly ,ould you please help me ?
Re: New installation instructions
August 18, 2004 01:19PM
read the FAQ!

when user try to register they getting such error:
Warning: preg_match() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /usr/home/ on line 203
Re: New installation instructions
April 17, 2005 03:42AM
i dont really how to install this forum , i have just installed thr forum in c:\\froum3 dir and removed sample from config.php.
but i dont know how to creat the database, coz i have just ms access.
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