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Posted by Jackson 
Re: Installation documentation
April 03, 2002 02:29PM
I installed it from the first try ... and I had no problems at all !!!

Try to understand it !!! It's so simple !
Couldn't agree more with the complaints about the docs. They are basically non-existent. What there is is wrong. For instance, 'run the install script'. There is nothing called that. How are we supposed to know to run admin/index.php?

It may be acceptable to some people to have to hunt around and fiddle about to get something installed. Not to me.

If you want to see how to do documentation properly, just go look at mysql.

Some description of what the code is doing wouldn't go amiss either. The developers obviously understand it. No reason why anyone else should!
Re: Installation documentation
April 16, 2002 10:21PM
I have to agree with Peter, the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. I'm trying to install Phorum on my web site and I'm completely lost! I think the next release should include clear and concise directions. Anyway, Phorum is great and you guys should keep up the good work!!!
<HTML>> If you want to see how to do documentation properly, just go
> look at mysql.

MySQL is maintained by a company that has A) the finances and B) the staff to write documentation.</HTML>

Re: Installation documentation
April 18, 2002 08:41PM
"just follow install.txt."

"its really easy I don't see the problem."

both of these quotes from:

"Thomas Seifert - Phorum Dev Team"

you don't see the problem because you already know the product. it's like trying to explain the flavor of chocolate to somebody who has never tasted it .. only vanilla.

it's easy for you .. extend your vision beyond you own nose and take into account that people who are trying to use this product may not have the extended time in this area that you or a few others may have.

it took me only thirty minutes to get this up and running .. but, then i've been working in web stuff for several years.

take the time(a few hours maybe), and write some decent documentation to install this. then you won't have to spend so much time trying to justify the lack of it here in this forum.

but then, this is just my humble opinion based on a little more than a score of years development experience.

Re: Installation documentation
April 19, 2002 03:34AM
Where are the logs? Nothing in Apache's error.log, I'm kinda stuck. Doesn't admin/index.php cut its own logfile? If not, why not?

I'm getting the same symptom as Filip Stokkeland complained about on 3/12... admin asks for database, I say MySQL, then I get "Phorum Install Script" displayed nothing more.

There must be a debugger log somewhere, if I knew what to look at maybe it'd all be clear.

Instead, well, I'll keep looking and (perhaps) post again once I crack this nut.
Re: Installation documentation
April 19, 2002 04:56AM
Got it. Never did find any logs :-(

Same as Filip I am using Debian and didn't have support for mysql in php4... hey Filip thanks man, your clue to apt-get reinstall was right on the money!

THEN... per Paul's great note on 3/29 I hand-created the database... and then here's what I did that worked:

mysql -u rob -p

use phorum;

grant select, insert, update, create, alter, delete, drop on phorum to rob identified by 'mypassword';

and then, yes, localhost user rob password mypassword database phorum...

well, worked for me, HTH
Re: Installation documentation
April 26, 2002 01:25PM
Yes, I agree, it is a great product. My last installation v3.1.1 went so great...that now while trying to get 3.3.2a working, I've lost all my enthusiasm. While the install.txt is very thin on detail, it does seem fairly straight forward, which has got me stuffed, as I don't know why this Internal Server Error keeps coming up when I try going to admin.

Maybe I should just get more sleep and look at with a fresh mind.

<b>Re: Installation documentation</b>
April 27, 2002 10:15AM
<HTML>perhaps look at the FAQ? ;-)</HTML>


I'm completely new to Phorum and I must say, I have to agree with Sebastian here. You're to intimate with the product to be objective.

Here's a perfect example. I'm on a Rackspace server just like you. I'm therefore reasonably certain I should be able to get Phorum running without too much grief. But, this is my first exposure to PHP. One question I have that is not covered at all in the install text file is - Do I decompress in my cgi-bin or my htdocs directory?

Somewhere else I read in this thread about the need to create the MySQL dabase before running the Install Wizard. Also not mentioned in the install file.

Dotting your "I"s and crossing your "T"s is all this product needs to move from Good to Great.

Mark Brasche
all about (un-) documentation, I found a serious problem that can arise while installing phorum. First, I had the same problems like many people before me: run admin/install.php, nothing happened (you couldn't even chose database!). This can happen when the common.php is accessed by the bash secure script. Sometimes it just complains about missing permissions and then replaces the common.php with an fully EMPTY common.php So you have to replace it manually from your installation package. Maybe this should be documented, as it seems to happen quite often. However, I have to admit that I didn't test the behaviour of the secure script very much, because I was too happy I got it finally set.

ciao, Dumb!Ass
I have to admit that the authors of this Board script are right. It is relatively simple to launch. That is if you know how and have had a little experience in uploading files by FTP to your ISP's server and they also have the right MySQL and PHP interperters running. If your ISP does not have MySQl or PHP interperter running on your server you are out of luck with this program. Also, I have '0' expereince with do it your self, home based servers and almost no experience in working with PHP programs. I'm your basic, know nothing 'newbie'.

I also don't know why they, Phorum, take such a perverse pleasure in not explaining in common lay terms how to load and setup their own program. I guess it's their little joke on the public at large with little or no experience on the bumpy road to PHP scripts. Or maybe it's the fact that the program is free and what do you get for free these days? I'm guessing that their theory is if you know how to get it to work fine but if you struggle with it then that's your handicap to overcome.

I have had experience in loading only Ultraboard and a very nice, easy to load and get working program called PHPBB. I mention this so you know I have nearly No experience in loading working copies of PHP programs as some of the posters.
And after loading and getting it to work in less than 10 minutes I was puzzled to read messages from tech type people with years of experience who could not get this program to work???

I took two tries at it. The first try was based on their reference to an 'install' program? I finally found a file called 'install.php' buried in a sub-folder within the program. That did not work so why is it their? What did work was the file called index.php located under the folder ADMIN. Call the script using index.php in the admin folder. Thus if your site is called Board Progams I Could Not Get To Work.Com use the following line to call the script that you have already uploaded to your ISP's server. I would start fresh by downloading a new copy of Phorum and delete any older versions of Phorum you have already uploaded to your ISP's server.


Here is the part that may confuse non-tech types who are use to loading CGI scripts and HTMl files to their servers in only ASCII format. I tried FTP'ing it to my ISP's server in both ascii and binary format in two separate file folders called phorum and phorum2 so I could work with both formats to see which worked. Binary format seemed logical since your are also loading images which must be loaded to your server in binary mode in order to work. 5-10 minutes later I had the binary version working. As the authors of Phorum have said repeately, "it is simple" and they could not see what the problem everyone was having in loading and getting it to work.

In conclusion frustrated Phorum users I would like to say that if you do get it to work I think that you will find that it to be 'dated' technology in several ways so I would not knock myself out trying to get it to work and go look for PHPBB on the net. It is also free. Yours truly, Gary Newbie
I'm trying to set up on my localhost. I've placed the entire contents of the extracted folder into a folder called phorum in my wwwroot on win2000 machine.
Typed in [localhost]

This led to a message saying 'You need to go to the admin and fix your database settings. '

So I went to mySQL shell and created a db called phorum using 'create database phorum'. Then I went to admin and selected mySQL. Hitting submit leads to the message below:

Warning: fopen("./admin/settings/forums.php","w") - Permission denied in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\phorum\admin\functions.php on line 109
Could not open file ./admin/settings/forums.php. Please check the file permissions.

Anyone any ideas what I am doing wrong? Documentation would be really useful. The text file is really difficult to understand.

Many thanks

<b>Re: Installation Documentation Tips</b>
May 13, 2002 11:57PM
<HTML>as the message above the forum tells, this forum is for documentation, not for support-questions!

Check if the folder and all files in admin/setttings are writeable for the webserver.</HTML>

My message does point out that I am experiencing difficulties with the support documentation. I've just had another go and changed my settings in IIS and it still doesn't work.

So, I downloaded phpbb and installed it and had it up and running within 2 minutes. The reason being was because the documentation was explanatory.

Thanks anyway - I apologise for misusing the forum!!

if you can read french :


that's a great an simple way to install and configure phorum :)
Okay, I am not part of any development team, not related to any of the developers, or anything else. I have never used Phorum before in my life (used other forum software) this is so easy you almost don't need documentation, the bit that is there is more than enough, most of the security is minor issues I had up and running in 5 minutes now I am almost done customizing the design never used the software before, what is the issue???
Re: Installation documentation
June 17, 2002 10:01AM
wooowee, that was nothing! what's all this hype about Phorum being tough to install?

just so the Phorum team knows, it took me a mere 5 minutes to install. In fact, it was almost too easy :)

so thanks for a great opensource product; light, fast, effective, oh ya.

lustrum zaràszkur
Yep you need to make sure the files in question have read/write priveledges granted from IIS
Everything goes so easy when you install your phorum without security script. When security script changed name of admin dir, then the install process in admin directory is not working!
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