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PhorumMail HOWTO?

Posted by Christoph Kuhn 
PhorumMail HOWTO?
December 28, 2001 08:58PM
I searched 'the whole net' about informations to PhorumMail, but nothing usable found. Does someone know about a HOWTO?
The informations in the sourcecode don't really help me.
In which szenarios does PhorumMail work? Must be Majordomo? What's about the 'PhorumMail Code'? It's like 'Config suffix' an identifier?

Thank you!

<HTML>I had written a huge post about this the other night right here in this thread and before I could finish our ( mysql server freaked out (3AM) and I had lost the text I had written in the shuffle of switching apps and checking pages.

I will try and write it all out again soon.</HTML>

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
March 08, 2002 05:43AM
I'd be interested in this as well. Even if it is a short version of what you wrote the other night. :-)

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
March 15, 2002 08:42PM
Me also - asap :-)
<HTML>Lets say you have a mailing list and the list address is The first thing you need to do is pick out an email address that will receive phorum emails. Let's use

Ok, now create a forum or edit an existing one. In the admin there are 3 fields when adding a forum that have an affect on all mail sent from Phorum. These are not required to be used with Phorummail, but you can. The fields are "Email All Posts To", "Return Email Address", and "Email Subject Tag". You want to set "Email All Posts To" to the mailing list address of You want to set "Return Email Address" to the address to the incoming phorum address of You can set "Email Subject Tag" to something if you like. Only Phorum posts will have this tag added to their subject. When you create the forum, the success message contains the id of the newly created forum. You need this. If this was an already existing forum, it is the number after the i in the url when using the forum. For example, here in the doc forum, it is 5.

Now, this is where things get complicated. It does not matter what mailing list software you run. In fact, you can interact with any mailing list, even ones you don't run. This means Phorum can be used to archive mailing lists. However, it does matter what mail server you are running. I personally run qmail. If you have any control over the mail server running on your server I strongly suggest you switch to qmail.

Anyhow, here is the way I would do it with qmail. qmail uses files call .qmail files to control mail delivery. sendmail uses an alias file of some sort. What we have to do is redirect the email to the phorummail script. So, I create a .qmail file called .qmail-phorum. That tells qmail that any messages coming in for are to be delivered according to the instructions in this file. In that file I will put one line of text:

|/path/to/phorum/scripts/phorummail.php forum=5 path=/path/to/phorum

Of course, replace /path/to/phorum/ with the actual file path of the phorum install. An remember that forum id we needed, that is what the 5 is in that line.

That is all there is to it. Really. Now, there are some things to watch out for. For one, be sure that the phorummail.php script is executable. I think in sendmail you have to tell it what scripts are safe to run. Another thing is checking that your forum files and settings files are readable by the user receiving the mail. For qmail, if you are using the main alias directory, this will mean having your forum settings readable by all. If you are putting .qmail files in your home directory, the mail will be delivered using your user. Most likely, this means that no changes need to be made to the files permissions.

If someone knows the details for sending mails through external apps for sendmail or other mail servers please post them here.</HTML>

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
March 17, 2002 09:39AM
Thanks for that Brian. Unfortunately my virtual server comes with sendmail and majordomo, rather than qmail and ezmlm/lyris :-)

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
April 04, 2002 06:29PM
Ah, do you have to have the mailing list and phorum on the same physical box?

We have our webserver / phorum at the colo site, but the mail list (mailman) is run from the leased line in the office.

is forwarding from mailman to phorum possible in this case?

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
April 06, 2002 03:37AM
Subscribe to the list from an account on the webserver/colo box. This account is where you would pipe to phorummail.

The mailinglist software or server needs to know nothing about it.

Hopefully that is easy enough with your setup.

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
April 20, 2002 08:38PM
Does anyone know how you'd direct the mail to phorummail using sendmail and/or procmail?

<HTML>alias file:

Peter Bowyer wrote:
> Does anyone know how you'd direct the mail to phorummail
> using sendmail and/or procmail?
> Thanks,
> Peter.</HTML>

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
April 23, 2002 05:56PM
IMHO something like

* ^Resent-Sender: your.mailinglist@your.server.domain
| /path/to/phorum/scripts/phorummail.php forum=15 path=PATH_TO_PHORUM

in your .procmailrc should work.

Or did i misunderstand the question?

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
April 23, 2002 08:36PM
Thanks - it turned out that the real hiccough was that my provider hadn't got the cgi version of PHP installed with MySQL support, and there were no error messages to tell me this. Once that was corrected it worked fine.

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
April 26, 2002 09:03AM
Just one (hopefully the last) problem remaining... that of duplicate posts. Please see post [] for the details.

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
May 06, 2002 06:33PM
Am I correct in thinking that I should get email sent to the address specified in "Email All Posts To:" whenever someone posts?

I've set this to my own email address on two different servers set up with the latest stable version of Phorum, but nothing is coming through. Tested the mail() function to make sure to worked, and it's fine.

Anyone have any idea what could go wrong here?
<HTML>Strange, please report that as a bug.</HTML>

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
May 08, 2002 08:31PM
Sorry.... it was a PEBCAK (problem exists between chair and keyboard)

My "working email account" was rendered inoperative because some twit (me!) changed permissions in my home dir.

PhorumMail works like a charm now....

Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
August 08, 2003 10:56PM
These steps are necessary for getting phorummail to work under Sendmail. They may not be in order and completely coherent, but if you have it installed you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Be sure you've configured mailman with:
./configure --with-mail-gid=mail

Be sure to edit /etc/aliases after you create a new list. The lines you need to add come in the email after your create the list.

Be sure phorummail has a sym link in /etc/smrsh:
ln -s /var/www/html/phorum/scripts/phorummail.php phorummail

Make forum mail alias in /etc/aliases like:
listname-phorum: "|/etc/smrsh/phorummail forum=3"


Restart sendmail:
service sendmail restart

Put the following in the phorum settings:
Email All Posts To:
Return Email Address:

Subscribe to the mailing list!
Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
August 08, 2003 10:58PM
Almost Forgot:

The phorum "Security" setting should be set to "Login Is Optional"
Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
September 06, 2003 08:21PM
phorum is very good !
Re: PhorumMail HOWTO?
October 11, 2003 06:30PM
Any idea how to do this with Exchange?
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