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Login Link from Main Site Goes to Javascript.php

Posted by smiths 
Login Link from Main Site Goes to Javascript.php
December 03, 2012 05:04AM
I'm using TNG (The Next Generation) which has its own user table, authentication, etc. I put in the mod for "Inherit Authentication for System" and am calling the username and email. I can login with TNG and then see the username on Phorum, as well as post, send private messages, etc. I would now like to change the login/logout URLs on the index page to point to the login screen on TNG. I have changed the login/logout params in header.tpl to go to the exact URLs. The logout works great. And the direct login link goes to the right location on TNG to use that page. But when I login from TNG after logging out from Phorum, up pops what must be a redirect to the Phorum javascript.php which shows as text. Of course if I login FROM TNG, no problem. Any idea what I need to change and where that is somehow calling javascript.php?
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