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Phorum Search Integration

Posted by Andy T 
Phorum Search Integration
January 02, 2012 06:55PM
I have a static website and I'm using Phorum for my forum. I was trying to figure out how to expand Phorum's search function to search not just through the forum but through the entire website.

I know my way around HTML and CSS, but PHP and MySQL are still very new to me. But I'm a quick learner and am eager to give this a try. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful ^_^
Re: Phorum Search Integration
January 02, 2012 08:12PM
the phorum search does a raw search on the database tables. that won't work with your static website. I wouldn't try to extend the phorum search for that.

Thomas Seifert
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Re: Phorum Search Integration
January 02, 2012 10:02PM
Google usually has new Forum posts from our site within a day or so. Bing is probably similar.

So get a Google, or Bing search box setup that searches your site.
Re: Phorum Search Integration
January 20, 2012 03:23AM
I'm not sure if it's possible, but you might want to consider migrating your entire site into Phorum. Phorum has a module "Static Pages" you could modify the header and footer to suite your needs and you'd have a page that looks seemless with your forum and you'd have everything under one roof.

Jake Morgan
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