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Complete: Eugenol (5.0 ready)

Posted by Promopixel 
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Complete: Eugenol (5.0 ready)
September 05, 2004 06:40AM
Demo at []

Eugenol : a template for Phorum 5

- version numbering is synced now with phorum's releases
- empty stdblock.tpl added for compatibility
- fix in read_threads.tpl

- some xhtml improvements
- up to date with phorum5-cvs-2004082104
- still up to 75% lighter and accessible code than default template
- IE7 is no longer included but still called from header.tpl : download last version at [] and unzip the archive on top level "/".

0.1 : initial release written by Promopixel - []

Eugenol is a semantic xhtml strict template for Phorum 5.
The template is light weight and compliant with the W3C standards and uses XHTML Strict 1.0
along with CSS2 stylesheet.
More information on:
- []
- []

A demo is available at []

Copy the entire "eugenol" directory into /path/to/phorum5/templates/
and activate the template in the admin section of phorum5.

Eugenol uses Edward Dean's IE7 javascript enabling Internet Explorer IE5+
interpreting correctly CSS2 rules ( [] )
IE7 is distributed under the Creative Commons licence
( [])

Download and install IE7 in your root directory or change the path in /path/to/phorum5/templates/eugenol/header.tpl

- Much more easier to customize template since content and style are completly separated
- styles are cached in a separate stylesheet (7.2kb);
- the xhtml code is semantic then avoids mosts of DIV or SPAN tags and uses H3, FIELDSET, UL, P and other verbose tags;
- css really means CASCADING style sheet and uses css2 selectors as most as possible;
- better works with Opera, khtml-based browsers (Safari, Konqueror), IE5(mac/win32), Mozilla and gecko-based browsers, and (best of all) all alternative browsers (lynx, cellphones, browsers for blind people...);
- better indexing with search engines (no tag soup);
- "try" to respect WAI guidelines ( [] )
- produces smaller output then increases your server performances.

For example:
- Default template: 10.7kb
- Eugenol template: style.css : 7.2kb (donwloaded once) + 1.7kb => -20%

then []
- Default template: 12.5kb
- Eugenol template: 3.5kb => -72% !!!

Please post your suggestions or improvements on [] then everybody
could benefit.

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Re: Eugenol theme v5.0.9
September 06, 2004 05:54AM
Localization bug:
in file index.tpl on line 9 change, please



Re: Eugenol theme v5.0.9
September 06, 2004 01:15PM
Thank you.

New archive below.
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Re: Eugenol theme v5.0.9
September 08, 2004 03:16AM
plz change meta tag in header.tpl

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"/>

Re: Eugenol theme v5.0.9
September 09, 2004 04:00AM
Changes have been commited. We also added the notification messages on top and lang in <html> tag.

Note that {LANG_META} doesn't mean anything since phorum send also an xml declaration.

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Re: Eugenol theme v5.0.9
September 09, 2004 04:13AM
Header.tpl has been modified to correctly send the application/xhtml+xml mime type if browser can handle it (as recommended by W3C and [] ).

New version will follow.

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Re: Eugenol theme v5.0.9
October 04, 2004 05:01PM
tested with PHORUM 5.09 & 5.10

little bug with Microsoft IE 6.0

no probleme with firefox

this bug is randomize

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Having problems....
October 04, 2004 05:03PM
I'm pretty sure that this is browser side, but someone might be able to walk me through this problem or modify the template to prevent this from happening, if possible.

Eugenol installed just fine. I chmodded everything to 644 (thats what everything in .../templates/default is, so I figured thats what I want to use), since they were at 600. You can select it from the drop down menu and everything. The CSS seems to just be ignored in my browser of choice, Firefox 1.0PR. I tried it in Epiphany 1.2.8, and the CSS also seemed to be ignored. Next I fired up Konqueror 3.2.3, and it worked perfectly. I went downstairs and used my family's PC (with Windows XP installed; not Slackware), and it worked just fine in IE 6.

Any suggestions? I'm using Eugenol-5.0.9p1 with Phorum 5.0.10. You can see it, if you want.

Here are some screenshots, if they are of any help:

Re: Eugenol theme v5.0.9
October 13, 2004 10:42AM
Promopixel I really like your template.
Will you release new version ?

Amilcar Lucas webmaster
Problem with read page
October 13, 2004 02:27PM
I'm using eugenol, thanks for the great work btw, and while the forum looks good on the list page when you expand a message to the read page it expands the divs under my menu on the left. I've been through it a couple of times but can't seem to find the right place to change the CSS.
Any ideas?
Thanks again for eugenol.
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