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Template to mimic WebBBS

Posted by PeterMartin 
Template to mimic WebBBS
November 17, 2007 02:47PM
Can anyone help me modify .tpl files to make Phorum mimic WebBBS? It needs to look like this:


I can handle the headers/footers and colors, but I'm not good enough at PHP to modify the list files. (I tried but can't figure it out.) There is no question that Phorum is far more powerful and efficient, and even has a WebBBS-to-Phorum conversion script, but many WebBBS boards refuse to switch unless they can make it "look exactly the same."

One point they insist upon is numbered threads. I never saw the need for this, but on extremely active boards (as above) it becomes impossible to follow very long threads without numbers to act as a reference point while paging thru dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of replies.

I think I can convince over a dozen boards to make the switch if someone can help define a template set with a threaded output that looks like the above forum--numbered threads in a non-columized format.

Thanks in advance if anyone's interested, and to all of you who have worked to design a forum with such an eloquent balance of power and speed.

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