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New to php

Posted by amnon77 
New to php
October 29, 2007 04:30PM
Hi ,
i've been working as a j2ee coder for some time now , never touched php .
i've opened a site some days ago and after looking around decided to go with phorum , setting up utf8 and language files was simple but i would appericate some help with understanding how apache and php work toghter .
how can i "insert" the phorum inside an html file so i can use dir="rtl" and other changes that i want ?
and do u guys know if there's a way to "encapsulate" that html then inside a jsp and somehow block access to it trough tomcat ?
is there a simpler way to run php on a local computer other then the eclipse plugin and installing apache on my computer ?
thanks in advance .

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Re: New to php
October 29, 2007 05:28PM
These are all questions that are very much outside the scope of Phorum. I suggest you start reading about Apache and PHP. Inserting Phorum inside a HTML file is not possible. But Phorum has templates that you can edit. Read docs/creating_templates.txt. Encapsulating that in a jsp and using tomcat? My god, that is way, way, way over the top and flaky and probably not even possible. You could write a HTTP proxy in jsp code, but I guess that is not what you are planning to do here.

Overall, you need first to get a grasp of what Phorum is and does and what PHP can do for you. Installing apache+php+mysql is easy enough with the XAMPP package, so I suggest you start with that. No eclipse needed for that. Editing PHP files can be done with Eclipse but you don't need it for running PHP.

Maurice Makaay
Phorum Development Team
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