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Blog with sticky column content

Posted by fmon 
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Blog with sticky column content
June 24, 2007 07:53PM
This is a blog template that has the side columns content supplied by Phorum. The blog forum can have sticky posts and they are not displayed in the blog but instead are displayed where you want them as content in the other columns of the page.

Works like this: when logged in as a moderator you can, using the posting editor, designate posts as sticky content. These posts will no longer be displayed in the blog list but will be available to display in the other columns. A get_sticky_content.tpl is included in the header and has the functions to get and display the posts. They are displayed as content without date and author. When the author of the post is logged in an edit link will be displayed.

I have several uses for this. I can give a page to someone and they can control the content in addition to having a blog. I don't have to maintain it for them and they don't need an ftp login or have to know html etc. I use this for my local politics site. This is also useful for organizations, you might have a coaches page, or presidents page etc.

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Re: Blog with sticky column content
January 17, 2008 12:10AM
Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #2 is not an array in C:\WINDOWS\Temp\tpl-Blog3ColWStickyContent-header-a7745e2e65fa265d9dc574c66bb12e2b.php-stage2 on line 15
Phorum Template Error
phorum_get_template() was called with an empty page name.
This might indicate a template problem.
Here's a backtrace that might help finding the error:

#0 phorum_get_template() called at [C:\WINDOWS\Temp\tpl-Blog3ColWStickyContent-header-a7745e2e65fa265d9dc574c66bb12e2b.php-stage2:26]
#1 include(C:\WINDOWS\Temp\tpl-Blog3ColWStickyContent-header-a7745e2e65fa265d9dc574c66bb12e2b.php-stage2) called at [C:\WINDOWS\Temp\tpl-Blog3ColWStickyContent-header-a7745e2e65fa265d9dc574c66bb12e2b.php:7]
#2 include(C:\WINDOWS\Temp\tpl-Blog3ColWStickyContent-header-a7745e2e65fa265d9dc574c66bb12e2b.php) called at [C:\AppServ\www\sch\phorum\common.php:828]
#3 phorum_output(list) called at [C:\AppServ\www\sch\phorum\list.php:596]
Re: Blog with sticky column content
January 17, 2008 02:57PM
This template will not work with phorum 5.2, you need to use 5.1.xx

Looks like the variable $BlogTemplateLang has not been properly set. What is going on in the code below, from the header.tpl, is that the language file from the template is merged with the main phorum language file. For this to happen the the template directory MUST have a lang directory containing the templates english.php (or whatever lang if you make your own. it must have the same name as the main phorum lang file). You can override the location of the lang file by setting
blog_lang_path in the settings .tpl.

$PHORUM["DATA"]["LANG"] = array_merge( $PHORUM["DATA"]["LANG"], $BlogTemplateLang);

Re: Blog with sticky column content
January 20, 2008 08:18PM
While doing a fresh install of this template downloaded from the Phourm website I notice that the lack of a stdblock.tpl will produce a template error if that tpl is needed to display an error or if you are using a mod that requires it.

Therefore when using this template you should add a copy of stdblock.tpl from the default template to this template.
Re: Blog with sticky column content
March 10, 2008 01:05PM
Has anyone been able to get this template to work with 5.2 yet?
Re: Blog with sticky column content
March 18, 2008 01:20PM
I have not started to make a template for 5.2 yet. Don't know when I will start but it's on my to-do-list.
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