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Blog Collection
June 11, 2007 09:19PM
A blog collection with 2 and 3 column layouts. For 5.1.X Each has a plain template, similar to the std Phorum blog and a fancy template that shows what can be done by modifying the CSS and settings. The fancy templates are based on some common layouts I have seen around and like. They can look really nice with some backgrounds and images. Only screen shots of the fancy templates have been posted, the plain ones look like the std blog template. The templates look the same with IE or Firefox.

Some changes from the standard Phorum blog template:

With the settings.tpl you can change the following:

- The posting date of an entry can be displayed first (in long format) at the top of the entry in an entry header or last in a entry footer
- Choose to display or not display the entry author
- Choose between author or linked_author for both posts and comments
- Choose to display or not display the newflag


- A paging menu has been added to both list and read
- Language support has been added, the blog language file is merged with Phorum’s providing new strings and changing others to suit a blog.
- Title of the posting form changes with the posting mode
- The new flag links to the first new comment; a mark all read link can also displayed
- A mark thread read link has been added to the read.tpl
- Reading a message in list will mark it read
- If there are 0 comments an optional ‘add your comment’ link can be displayed
- You can moderate, edit and delete in both the list and read view
- You can edit your post without being a moderator
- Moderators get a close/open link
- The IP address for comments is displayed for moderators
- If nobody has reply permissions then the comments links are not displayed
- The login user name is displayed in the profile edit form
- The confirm delete popup windows have been added
- The comments link takes you to the top of the comments on the read page instead of the top of the entry.

Many id’s and classes where added to permit adding style with CSS, this includes the input fields for forms so the width can be changed as the blog width is changed.

The basic method of making the columns was changed from using a floated div over a wide margin to all floats. I found that I could not reliably fix an IE6 peek-a-boo-bug using the wide margins. All floats has the advantage of being able to reposition the columns without editing the header or footer tpls. It also seems to render faster and with less hesitation especially when in posting or edit mode and using editor tools. It has the disadvantage of breaking if you don’t adjust the width of the divs to contain what you put in them.

Installation and setup:

Remove the lorum ipsum latin stuff from the header and put in your own content!

Copy the template(s) to your forums templates directory. The templates are all setup to use the same copy of the language file so the BlogCommon directory (containing the lang directory) will also need to be copied to the templates directory. Each template is supplied only with a header, footer, info, css and settings file so you need to copy the contents of the CommonTplFiles directory to each template that you will be using in order to make a complete template.

You can avoid keeping duplicate copies of all the common files by using the cs_template_manager.php module. In that case copy the files to BlogCommon put {var template_source BlogCommon} in your settings.tpl, read the docs that come with the mod. Remember to turn on the mod.

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Re: Blog Collection
October 04, 2008 04:09PM
These would be nice to use if at all possible.

I keep getting an error: Phorum Template Error phorum_get_template() was called with an empty page name.<br/>This might indicate a template problem.

I wonder what it would take to get a couple of the templates in the archive updated for 5.2.x
Re: Blog Collection
October 04, 2008 05:12PM
no 5.1 template will work with 5.2 and its surely quite some effort to port them to 5.2.

Thomas Seifert
Re: Blog Collection
October 04, 2008 06:28PM
Thanks for the quick reply Thomas.
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